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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

Groups in the Online Enviroment

How have groups in your online enviroment worked? Are you able to get the same benefits as you would in the classroom?

EDU 101

This was a great refresher course. This information I have heard before when I first began teaching and then again at conferences. It's nice to be reminded of the basices. I really enjoyed the video lectures given by a teacher for teachers. Although they were short they were effective.

ED 102

I just finished ED 102 and I must say WOW!!! what a helpful course to take as a new instructor.  I learned quite a bit about methods of student motivation and I can see that the ideas could also come in handy for instructor motivation as well.  Taking these courses has really helped me to reduce my anxiety about just starting in a teaching role.  Everyone has had wonderful ideas to contribute.  Mindy Smith

Education Performance

I have found that the increasing number of non-traditional students trying to prepare for second and third careers, have brought a wealth of experience, maturity, and self-directed learning to the classroom.

I really enjoy the interaction.

stress free!

I feel even more stress free thanks to ED110!! it really helped me to understand how to better deal with my stress 

Effective Teaching Strategies

This course would be very helpful to new instructors to avoid the "hard knocks" of learning effective teaching strategies "on the fly" in the classroom...I've been teaching 6 years and I felt it was a good refresher!

learning styles

Very interesting on the learning styles makes me focus in on my students styles  of learning. 

ED 107

Getting students to retain information seems to be difficult in our school.  Students seem to be able to test but not be able to retain past that.  Hopefully some of the tips I've picked up will help with this issue.


I just completed this course and felt that it reinforced many of the teaching methods we sometimes don't realize are so important.  Such as dealing with silent students, cheating students, learning the students names......   Enjoyed it very much. 

Challenging Students

Finding ways to truly assess the skill level of students is challenging. Recently we have incorporated the use of several instructors to analyze student's skills ranging from class participation, soft skills, intrinsic motivation, cooperative skills, leadership qualities, etc. After several instructors rate the student, the results are compiled and then a one on one meeting is set up with the student and the program coordinator. The main focus of the meeting is to focus on three strengths and three opportunities for the student to work on for the next three quarters and at that time the evaluation will be conducted again.

Any thoughts from the group on suggestions? Thus far the results have been very productive. One student in particular was greatly challenged by his confrontational demeanor and he didn't realize his behavior influenced others in a negative manner. Though the initial information was shocking and he was unsure on how to react, he decided to be accountable for his success and has made strides since the initial meeting.


I just finished taking the ED 102 class. This class had a lot of information on motivating and engaging students, as part of student retention. I did not know that most nontraditional students are concerned about failing as they were out of school for a long time. This was eye opening to me. Some of the concepts described in the course, such as ensuring that I bring my real-life experiences into the classroom and make knowledge practical. That was great to see.


This course has affirmed my thoughts in regards to testing and learning styles. It is really important to gain understanding about your students learning abilities so that each of them will do well in there coursework.

New teaching methods

Simulation models are the newest creation to give medical students hands on activities to help them learn.

I would encourage instructors to give their students this experience.


This course has helped me alot

class management

Totally enjoyed the suggestions in the class management course.  I even started redoing past techniques that I forgot about.  The student descriptions are so true to life.

ED 101

I just finished ED 101. This course was not part of my baseline, but the school at which I teach prompted the other instructors to get started. It was very basic for a seasoned instructor. However, I did see value for the new teacher.


This was a wonderful course on how to present new ways of learning terminology to students. I have many new ways to help students with learning terms in a fun and interesting way that will not have them falling asleep in class.  This course is always a difficult course to teach since it has many terms that need to be introduced to the student, and the student retaining the meaning of each word for more than a few minutes.  Thanks for the wonderful suggestions.

Assisting the students better and myself from this program.

I enjoyed taking this course. It was like a review from the time I was taking my courses for my teaching credentials. We all need a review and this program again assisted me.

course relevance

The course was excellent in giving knowledge and informative ways of managing your classroom. It would be beneficial to have more specific Health Care related on the job experiences for our population specific to their career choice.


This course added