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In Art History there is a better response from the students if I can relate events from the past to current events to spike their interest

in art of the past as related to that time in history. Then I can explore the development of style with content.

ED 114 - Questioning in the Classtoom

This class had my complete focus.  I did not realize that I, too, am among the 60% of instructors who ask a majority of closed questions and didn't even realize it. I will continue to ask them, but there is often time in my class to devote to more 'open' questions.  I've been so busy with course content, making outlines/charts and guides that I never gave much thought to the type of questions I asked the students in class......or the amount of time I paused before calling upon them in the first place.  This made me aware that I need to engage them more and then wait a few seconds before answering them to allow all the students to carch up.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course.


I just finished the EL103 course which is "Teaching Online: A Student-Centered Approach".  This course really helped explain how to design an online course including how to improve teaching to online students, how to access online students, and how to revise online courses.


ED 105

This course was ver relevant to our environment.  We use a lot of different delivery methods.

Time Management with Challenged Students

Time management can be difficult in basic classes where students are having difficulty mastering the material. I find this is true often in my grammar classes. My students tend to freak out and think they will never master the material and think I am going too fast. I often have high expectations of what I think they can do. After teaching this class a few times though, I find I have to meet in the middle - sometimes I have to bridle my expectations a little and push them a little more. 

Meeting the needs of various generations

What really is interesting in our schools lately is not only do we have multi-generational populations, but we also have multi-generational employees. I have found employees of each generation are great resources for working with students of the same generation


All students need to prepare themselves before coming to class. BE READY!!

Assessment Robots

In many colleges and universities they are removing remedial classes as far as mathematics and reading. Currently, the scores for the entrance exams are going up every year, and the rate of college students is slowly decreasing. The concern that I have is we are training a generation of test/assessment robots online for the minimal requirements, but when it’s time for them to internalized that information to get in post high arena, they are falling short. What can we do to bridge this gap of the assessment generation.

Online and Ground based course design

I found that in EL101 there were many aspects that can be easily translated from the online learning environment to the development of groundbased classes. 

Ground based courses can easily use many of the online stratagies.  Additional readings and videos from online sources can easily enhance and claify topics from the lectures, Online quizzes and discussions can stimulate or be a continuation of the ground based classroom to continue to engage the student and reach the desired learning outcomes. 

One of the things I have done in the past is to record my presentations and lectures and have them online along with links to resources used in class for students who were absent on any given day.  This helps in keeping the student up to date and reduces the amount of information that must be repeated or explained for those who were not there for the original lecture.  Additinally it allows the students to go over the lecture again if there is something they are having difficulty remembering or understanding.


Humor in teaching

Do you use humor in teaching? If so please give some examples.

Motivation or Manipulation?

Which one do you use?

Any new technologies

Any new screen capturing technologies that are simplier than Jing or Screencast?

Samantha Eaddy

extrinsic/ intrinsic motivators

It was benefital going over this topic, i learned ways to help motivate my students. i learned that intrinsic motivators are long lasting, and its more of a internal motivator for wanting to successed in life. Extrinsic motivators are also good to establish like giving a reward after an accomplishment.

Safety and Sanitation

What are some ways of reinforcing the importance of safety and sanitation in the culinary field.

Peps Talks

Students today have many challenges such as work, transportation, $$ for school and supplies, etc.  Of course, these are the same challenges that we faced when we went to school but they do not believe this.  I start each class letting the student know I am glad they are in my class, on time, homework completed and why I am impressed with their efforts.  They need to hear these affirmations from their instructors even when they don't do so well on an assignment.  It let's them know that you care about their academic growth and breaks down some barriers so that the student feels more compelled to come to you with questions.

Engaging the students

Getting students to participate in class is about engageing with them. Encourage them the answer questions and repeat things that were discussed in class.  

Too Much information

I feel like there is too much information given in on training and development section online for instructors.


I took the class on student retention and I really learned so much form it. I am already using some of the methods that was taught. I am glad I took this class and think this will not only beneift my students but myself

Rubric development

I received tips and guidelines on how to develop a better rubric.

Active Learning Methods

What passive lectures have you turned into active learning lessons?  I've done a lot with making reviews before exams or quizzes more active by having the students create their own tets and then take each others's tests as practice on a review day.