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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

Journalism and Media - Career Advice

Students have many questions about pursuing a career in Journalism and Media. whether to study in India or abroad, new media or traditional media, which subjects to take in high school, formal media studies vs. learning on the job, practical courses vs. theoretical studies and much more !!
Watch - - Journalism & Media- career advice from Narinder Kapur (Masters from University of Sussex) - everything you wanted to know and all your questions answered 

What's the Diff? Are They Really Any Significant Differences Between Private For-Profit and Non-Profit Schools?

After teaching at both for over a decade, I have not found any significant differences. At a for-profit school, there is more information shared about budgets, enrollments, and other measures of financial health. At a private nonprofitschool, that same infomation tends to stay hidden. Otherwise, I have not seen significant differences.

If anything, the private for-profits tend to pour more into student services and placement in an effort to boost retention and reputation.

What differences have you seen?


Here I thought giving rewards was a motivation.  I will nowcut down on the rewards and up the smaller shorter quizzes on the subject. It makes sense the quizzes will stimulate motivation if the students feels they are doing well as opposed to giving them rewards for getting a good grade.

ED 205

One of the things that I would incorporate into my written assignments is the idea that you should correct a little at a time and not too much because it may have a negative affect on the student. It is good to help them find their strengths in writing to give them confidence and the desire to inspire. You should also identify 2 or 3 key weaknesses that the student can then work on improving. Any other god ideas out there??

Flipped Classroom

I would like to try the flipped classroom for my upcoming class next term.  I try to incorporate more student interaction during class to make the class more engaging.  I love the idea of incorporating more technology into the classroom.  I believe the introduction of online resources will only add to the educational experience in the classroom.  I plan on researching more on the flipped classroom so it will be a successful transition from traditional to the flipped classroom.

1st time Max knowledge

This was my first class on Max and I really enjoyed it! I wasn't expecting to be so inspired by the content and the flow of the class.

Soft Skills

Really importan subject for teachers.  I had to use them several times this week!


Sometimes I find that not only probing can be a bit uneasy not only for the student by myself as the instuctor.  Does any one have any ideas on how to maintain a positive learning experince while trying to guide the student for the correct information?


I enjoyed this lesson very much. This helps me to find different ways to conduct my classroom.

Motivating Students

I enjoyed the lesson ED112. It really gave me a few ideas on how to motivate my students. 

Motivational Techniques for the Adult Clasroom

I totally agree that reviewing tests can be one of the greatest learnng tools. However, our Midterms and Finals have to be at least 100 questions.  How in the world do I review a Midterm the following class time and still have time for the next lecture?  I am an instructor in a healthcare profession for an accelerated program of only 10 weeks per term. Frustrated!

Jeanne Ramos

Flipping the Classroom Specifics

I would like to start a discussion on specifics of flipping the classroom.  The course spoke in generalities.  What specifically have you done or plan to do in order to flip the classroom in your course?

Millenial Learners and Technology

I find that when I utilize technology in class or out of class, my Millenial students produce better outcomes.  They seem to be tuned into technology and embrace the learning better thru it.

For example, if I ask students to read the chapter, maybe half will; but, if I ask the students to review the new chapter and post a discussion on Engrade...most all of the students will complete the assignment.

Does anyone else experience this?

Spark up interactive questioning for good techniques in interctive learning

Its always very highly recommended to design stimulating interactive questioning for enhanced interactive learning.  In this way the students reinforce concepts and comprehension, with applications.


Wow what an education of generations.  From the veterans gen, learned much about the gen Y group I  teach and how to approach them in conversation and team building. 

ED115 fantastic course

very rewarding information from ED115 for my situtation in teaching


when teaching criminal justice I often bring in props like jail made shanks and shivs or confiscated gang paraphenelia to stimulate the class


ED110 was somewhat interesting. A lot of the material we already know, we just sometimes forget to implement them.

Adult Learners

right brain learners need to incorporate more logic and statistics into their curriculum

EDL 110

This course was useful in helping me understand more about social media and the classroom.

I feel that some students, however, have a difficult time embracing social media in the classroom, especially when they are already technologically ill-prepared.

I don't know what the answer to this is, as I am always amazed at the number of students who are not computer-savvy.