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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Skype for Online Students

I think the school needs to have Skype installed on the school computers, if the instructors are required to connect with students enrolled in their online classes. Many online students come to campus to use the school computers because they cannot afford a computer, or home Internet.

I think having a ‘chat’ with the Instructor in Moodle would be easier to keep the student in Moodle, and not have them go out to Skype, where there might be other distractions.

Has anyone asked permission to use a different ‘chat’ application? If so, what are you using?

Online Instructors what are… >>>

How do we show we care?

It seems tough these days with all the red tape it's hard to show those we teach that we care. What are some ways that you as a person show you care for others around you?

Technology in classroom YAY! or NAY!

Do some of you feel that your career college has failed you (wholly or partially) when it comes to preparing you to teach with the new technological tools out there?  (iPads, Surface tablets, or laptops) Or is it a lack of communication skills to disseminate information to the masses on the training needed to use the technology being offered up in the modern classrooms?  

How much more and quicker will technology change education in the classroom in the next 10 years?

We can see how technology is constantly changing pattersn in the classroom.  But is it wise to just change whenever there is a new method.  Evaluating the importance of the education should be considered first before just opening up a new way of teaching because we found a really cool way of applying the same message.  


Higher education vs. experience

The academic environment seeks out individuals with so much education verses real world application/experience.  The theory lifestyle just doesn't cut it when training young eager students.  Why do we not evaluate more from the student's perspective of how valuable the instructors experience and education are to them.

A student is very perceptive when it comes to the instructor.  They decide in the first week if they are going to sit back and just memorize everything to get through this crap or they are really going to be engaged with the content and feel like this course is going to benafit… >>>

What do you think of the path of technology in the school environment?

I think technology is a great tool but cant replace the value of in person teaching.

Online to In class

The Online teaching course was very helpful. It helped to reaffirm some of the strategies I may use even as an instructor who works on campus

The Introvert

Is there such a thing as "too late" when helping graduates find their career? In the past few months, I have been trying to build a professional relationship with a Business student (now graduate) who is very shy. This student never spoke in class or participated in group activities. I tried speaking with past instructors on the student's previous performances in class. Same thing but the student was never mentioned in any meetings or brought to the attention on the Academic Dean or myself. The student graduated in December with their Business degree. 

Now, I have a business graduate with… >>>

Time and Stress Management for Instructors

This Time and Stress Management course has motivated me to reorganize my files both electronic and hard copies. I have almost completed both. I have found that the time saved already has been worth taking the course. The stress eliminators and reducers gave me the power to change some of the rules for my classroom, while allowing for emergency situations. I realized I was giving away time that I needed for my class developement and students to issues that were not urgent. I plan to make a list of things that are stressors and try to reduce or eliminate many of them.… >>>

Adaptive Learning Styles

This adaptive learning course has taught me to re-direct my teaching style on keeping my students engaged.  I find that this course has worked well this past week by allowing my students to get together in smaller cohorts to problem solve and review classroom content with amazing results.  Tonight I am in lecture and going to implement this new teaching concept again ^_^




how to apply 108 to my life as an instructor

I just finished 108 It was very entertained .I learned that after a long idea I need to pause myself  so my students can asimilate the information and process it within their learning process.

I love mnemonics, I think once it clicks in your brain and stays forever .I learned my planets in elementary and I love that trivia question because I remember themso easely.


Soft skills

In employment as diverse as teaching, which requires interacting with people from more backgrounds and walks of life than many of us had any idea existed, focusing on the soft skills of dealing with people is integral. As with critical thinking, this course helped us focus on what we have seen and probably used in the past (whether we realized it or not) so that we can carry it through to the future, where it's sure to develop. This is very important, especially on the first day of class, when we rely on certain soft skills to make a first… >>>

Stress test taken

It's nice to find out what we can do for stressors that we can't eliminate. I think some people -- and I've been one -- looks at certain situations and say, "If I can't get rid of it, I'll just learn to live with it." This test showed what to do in those situations -- about reduction, rather than removal. 

ED111 Active Learning Strategies...

Traditionally, We as students and now as instructors have been subject to pure lecture as the main strategy for teaching. Completion of this class has opened my eyes to how ineffective pure lecture truly is as a teaching strategy. Many of us fail to utilize active learning techniques simply because we are resistant to change. As educators and professionals, we have to overcome this obstacle and be willing to impliment high and low risk tactics into our classroom environments to enhance the educational experience for our students. In addition, doing so adds to our already large workload but in the long… >>>

Three down, learning much higher!

Through the three courses I have taken, I have learned a great deal about how small adjustments in an individual's teaching style can end up making a huge difference in the effectiveness of an instructor. I have used the "floating" technique in my teaching styles, but not to the extent that this lesson says it should be used. Other small things can make a large difference


This course was very informative. I have learned some new lesson planning stratigies that i plan to apply to my classes.











I have always prided myself on getting graded assignments back to students at maximum speed, and this course re-emphasized that. The quicker we get information back to students, the more apt and able they are to use it in future assignments, in our current classes and the future.

Getting off to a good start!

As a teacher who is apt to get a brand new set of students every five weeks, getting off to a good start with them is integral. I will utilize the techniques learned in this class to help make a strong first impression with those that do not know me. Also, as an English teacher, students may not see the importance of the course, an all-too-common problem that Gen. Ed. instructors face. Strong first impressions will help us in that regard as well.

EL 105

I think that it is so important to step back from teaching from time to time and look at the nuts and bolts of what we do.  I appreciate professional development opportunities for this reason.

ED 105

It was nice to get a refresher on instructional importance in organization and classroom approach.  I found that I was doing what was being suggested in the content as well as some areas I could improve on.