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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

ED106 content

As other people have states ED106 does contain some review information. This is good though as often we need to be refocused on these core concepts. What I found most intriguing and new was the information about learning disabilities and literacy issues. The practices taught in these sections not only apply to students with documented learning issues but with all students who all have varying levels of comprehension and retention skills. It was a well put together course with much applicable content to my profession.

Enjoyed ED104

ED104 was a great class.  I especially enjoyed the material on how to get students to participate and how to manage different types of students.  I can recognize many of these behaviors in my students and it helps to have tools to be able to encourage all of my students.

Completion of ED106

I enjoyed each module presented in ED106. Some of the material was a good review, while some of the ideas were new. I am excited to apply what I have learned to my next quarter of teaching.


Draw Back to Online Teaching

You know your stuff, you taught for years, the course is the same, what could possibly be a draw back to teaching on-line.  Welllll, I found out this past winter.  We had a blizzard 3- 6 feet of snow.  Everyone is stranded but having some great one on one time with their families and almost carefree attitudes.  Food was a-plenty, gas, electric and phones still worked and it was December!



ED104 Late assignments

As an accountant, I still struggle with allowing late assignments.  If the deadline is 11:59 and I accept work at 12:05 what about people who work during the night?  I also ensure students have the information necessary to work ahead if they wish.  I feel drawing the line enables me to be fair to all students (unless there is a death or hospitalization).

ED 104

The ED 104 was a good training program.  It makes you more alert on the classroom guidelines, and be more aware of the students behavior in the classroom.  As stated before, it makes your lightbulb as an instructor go from 75 to 100 watts in the classroom.

ED101 complete

I just finished ED 101. It was a great refresher course from what I learned in my teaching courses while getting my BS. I already have some new ideas to incorporate in my classes. Thank you!

Completion of ED102

This was my first MaxKnowledge course, and I was impressed by it.  Having the learning activities in each module was an advantage.  It reminded my that I need to use a variety of techniques in my class since I appreciated it as a student.

ED 311

I recommend this course for anyone that teaches A&P, Medical Assisting, etc.  It is full of GREAT ideas on how to make get your class involved and excited about learning!


It was a great training. It confirmed how good I was managing and applying my experienced as a Educator. However learn another way how to handling angry and fustrate students.  This course provided an excellent guide and information.  The instructinal design of the course was very supportive and engaging.

ED105 Completion


I just completed this course and found it to be quite interesting; as well as informative.  One that stood out in my mind was Module 4 - Creating An Evaluation System.  This module covered a wide variety of information on the the topic. The formative and Summative Evalluation was interesting.  I was aware of some of the information; however, not to the depth of the course material.  This is a very good system to use to dertermine and track what a student is learning while in their major career area of concentration from beginning to end.

Success rate to techniques

Do you have any statistics on how successful these techniques are in proprietary schools versus public schools?

educational teaching techniques

How successful have you been employing techniques from ED 105?


I have just finished ED105 and I am glad to report that it is a very helpful tool and it refreshes your view on how to instruct our students. This course points out or strengths and our weaknesses.

A quick self-assessment

If you’ve just completed a training course, please consider responding to the three self-assessment questions below. Your responses will help you and other participants to get a head start on the transfer of training process.


  1. What have you learned? Write a brief summary of what you’ve learned.

  2. How can you apply it? List one or two ways in which you can apply what you’ve learned in your professional practice.

  3. What support do you need? Identify any support or additional information that you may need to apply what you’ve learned.