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Good review

This course was a good review for the focus of teaching a variety of tyoes of students.

Stress in workplace

Stress in the workplace can be harmful in everyday life as well.  I have learned to leave work stress at work and learned to try and relax for the ride home.  There is enough stress from home without making more stressful by bringing work home

Chef Instructor

This course was very helpful due to the fact that we are evaluating are students on a daily basis. Insuring that the students understand the importance of such evaluations and that the instructor has a solid means of providing both positive feedback and crucial criticism.

ED310. Medical Terminology New Strategies

I just wanted to recomend you this online course which give you not only ideas for the health classes but also give you the actual new class activities already set  for the Medical Terminology in the way you just have to print them and apply them inmediately; so you do not have to even invenst time doing them. 

It will help you for any other health class you teach as well. Even the activities are already set just for Medical Terminology, you could take the amazing different ideas they give and apply them to any health class.

I enjoyed this course deeply.

I also wanted to give you my own experience so far:

For dental anatomy as well as Human Anatomy I try to reach all kinds of learners by:

1) I almost never do a Power Point Slide with just typed words; I always add pictures next or below the typing words. Of course, the pictures must be related to the concept presented. In that way I reach the visual.

2) While lecturing, I reach the auditory learners.

3) I encourage students to take notes which will benefit all my students to get a long-term memory memory as well as writing will benefit Writer words learners.

3) Right after 10-18 minutes of sliding presentation I do a drawing and coloring activity related to what I just presented as well as I give them real natural teeth and the bones from skeleton to identify structures, tissues, and bones to reach the kinesthetic learners.

But now, that I have been presented all of these new ideas to reach all the type of learner, I do definitively will use them as part of my regular classes. I am so happy to have read and learned those.



I just completed the EL102 course. As a "fairly new" online instructor, I appreciate the information gained in these workshops. I have also decided to pursue three others, based on my experience.

Jerrianne Miller

Program Chair

I have enjoyed the ED104 Class Management Strategies. These strategies bring to light many methods that I have either used or will incorporate in my daily teaching. Human nature touches all of us as to how we react to certain situations we happened to be in. It is true, one size does not fit all and I have to be aware of the different ways to present my material in order to make the students successful and provide a better quality of life for them and their family.

Chef Instructor

Working with students that have a predisposiiton towards the course an instructor is teaching makes it challenging to keep the instruction positive. Learning techiniques helps with this issue.


Motivation is directly correlated with confidence.

Group Dynamics

Student monitoring is important so that you can involve students that are successful with students who may not be so successful in the class. This exposes them to see what characteristics are necessary to achieve.

Not alone

As a new instructor, the best thing about this course is knowing that I am not alone in my journey. All of my fears, concerns, mistakes, and experiences are normal! I feel more confident my growth as an instructor of adult students.

Lisa Benavidez

Learning styles and Testing

It is important to consider the various learning styles and do your best to try to address the needs of your students. It was interesting to review the various testing techniques and the objectives associated with each. I personally do not care for true/false questions because it is often very easy to misread (read into them) or misinterpret if they are not worded well. I have used modified true/false where a key word or phrase is identified and which can be changed to make the statement TRUE if it is FALSE as it is written. I feel this type of test question(statement) requires more of the student than to simply make a 50-50 GUESS at the answer, since the student will need to provide the correct term or phrase which makes it true.

Ed 108

The information within ED 107 is similar to information being taught in our career development course and in my Masters of Education in Adult Education and Training degree. It is valuable information to be stored in my memory bank. Thanks for the opportunity to take this course. As a relatively new employee, I am eager to transfer my learning to the classroom.

ED311 - creative ways to teach a topic within the classroom

I liked this course and its creative ideas; however I wish there were some ideas related to the dental field and not just the medical field. I can use a couple of the creative ideas within the classroom but most did not apply to the dental field-mouth, teeth, etc....

Motivating Students through Writing

I am a writing instructor, and when I first started teaching, my students would write 2 papers max. The colleges I have worked at always seemed to require at least 4 papers (3 min.) To motivate my students to write, I had to find out who they were and what they were wanting in a writing course. Most of them agreed they wrote better if they picked their own topics rather than following a topic given to them. I listened to what they had to say and now I have beautifully written papers coming in for final grading.  The papers are written with full enthusiasm, and they are not worried about the page length. I listened to a very small request from them and was able to see results right away.  I still give them writing practice using my own topics, but for their papers, they pick their own topics. After 7 years of teaching, I am finally able to motivate the students to write 4 papers. After they have my class, they usually come to see me to help them edit other writing endeavors. It was work, but I know now what to do and what not to do if I want work out of them.

Ray Villegas

Handling Stress

Handling stress and time management go hand in hand to me.  I have a very difficult time saying "no".  I am getting better and I held my ground this past quarter for the most part I did not let them turn in really late work, or give me all their excuses under the sun.  I felt much better about the end of the quarter not trying to grade all the late work that students had turned in to me.  I have trouble finding that line to helping the student succeed and learn and have policies that will hurt those that procrasinate and expect me to grade work that is many weeks late.  It was much less stressful, not completely stress free with those that still wanted to turn in work that was 5+ weeks late (which I did not accept).  But I was able to stick to me policy and am considering make it no work later than 1 week.

ED 112

ED 112 was a very informative chapter.  I learned new and different ways to incorporate "motivation in the classroom.   I currently use some of the topics discussed, but I will use the types as well as the main issues discussed in the chapter.  THIS WAS A GOOD CHAPTER. 

ED 102

I really enjoyed ED 102, I learned some very interesting points on refocusing.  I will incorporate some of the information I learned in my class lecures, and what really stuck out to me is the part in the section about "helping a student recapture their commitment to their learning."

ED 105

I enjoyed this lesson very much. I had to stop a think about how my  personality  style may influnce my teaching style. I also could picture my students reacting to my  style.

The   section  that asks us to look in the mirror made me smile. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to start my next section. 

ED106; an eye opener

I especially appreciate the information regarding the five learning disabilities & strategies to address the problem(s).

I am intrigued by the reported incidence of learning disabilities and will have an increased awareness of how to make

the classroom better for all students with the suggestions outlined in this module.

ED 104 2x2

I thought that the 2x2 box on the board in one of the Harvard videos was really informative.  it lets us know that we, as educators, are never going to start off by doing "the right thing" "well."  That we have to start off by doing the "the right thing" "poorly", or even "the wrong thing" "poorly" before we can transition into doing our jobs well. It's just a humle reminder that we all have something to learn.