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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

Soft Skills

It was interesting in learning the difference between Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Also I was very happy to know that more of our Creative side is being allowed in the classroom today. I teach Barbering and Cosmetology, and most of my students have to rely on their own creativity.

examples of methods to handle angry students

post up your ideas on handling difficult or angry students.


As an online student you will have a much different "classroom" experience than a traditional student. In order to ensure that you are fully prepared for your online courses, following is a list of expectations and requirements: Students in a hybrid and/or on-line program should be comfortable with and possess the following skill sets:

  1. Self-discipline
  2. Problem solving skills
  3. Critical thinking skills
  4. Enjoy communication in the written word

As part of your online experience, you can expect to utilize a variety of technology mediums as part of your curriculum:

  1. Communicate via email including sending attachments
  2. Navigate the World Wide Web using a Web browser such as Internet Explorer
  3. Use office applications such as Microsoft Office (or similar) to create documents
  4. Be willing to learn how to communicate using a discussion board and upload assignments to a classroom Web site
  5. Be comfortable uploading and downloading saved files
  6. Have easy access to the Internet
  7. Navigate D2L, including using the email component within D2L. Instructions and tutorials for this are provided in your course.

EL 113

Hello, Learned a lot on assessments.

The term student-centered learning is a synonym for a wide variety of educational strategies generally known as personalized learning or personalization (among many other possible terms). While educators may define the terms differently from school to school, the fundamental educational objectives will likely be largely consistent. However, there is one important distinction in meaning that can be addressed here. The term student-centered learning most likely arose in response to educational decisions that did not fully consider what students needed to know or what methods would be most effective in facilitating learning for individual students or groups of students.

Vimlarani Chopra

Soft Skills for Instructors

Indeed it is important for instructors to be a master at soft skills as well as the hard skills.  Does anyone experience that "good listening" is a needed part of soft skills on the parts of instructors and students?  How do other instructors manage students who are using cell phones during a teaching lesson?  Is respect a part of soft skills?

eliminating stressor

Do you find that it maybe be hard to truly indentify your stressors.


Just completed ED310. Even though I have been in the medical field for 25 years it was nice to have some refreshing new ideas on how to communicate Medical Terminology. Good course.

Soft Skills in the Classroom

I am a very positive person and I believe this attitude is very infectious in the classroom.  It motivates the students to become more interested in the material you are teaching and makes them excel in their studies.  What do you think?

Coco Mayer

ED 103

Very informative


I appreciate the opportunity to learn how to interact with all types of students with many different learning styles!

Gen Y, X and Baby Boomers

This course is amazing!!!! I do not regret taking this course if fact I will take this again and again because it is a very important aspect to my future as well as the future of my students.
Figuring out how to 'marry' the different generations is a major point that will make educating our society stronger. Thank you Ryan for putting this together it was not an wasy feat!


I am super excited to get back into the classroom to incorporate some of these in the lesson plans!!!

shy students


I am great with the students that ask a lot of questions and participate. Its the students that dont raise their hands and that are super nervous that I struggle with. What if they are too shy to communicate that they are bad test takers?

Asking the proper questions

When i began this course I thought it was going to be super easy nothing stressful... but then i realized I need to begin to ask the correct question to gather the appropriate response.. I will take the appropriate measures to improve myself!


I just finished taking the final quiz for EL101. I received a 98%. I was a "nervous wreck." Several of the questions were not covered in the material presented in the course, and I had no where to turn for answers. I was actually afraid to hit the submit button. Has anyone else noticed that some of the information is not covered in the course? Or am I like the students who want the lecturer to cover the test material...unfortunately, I did not have reading material in which to refer.

ED 106

I really enjoyed the information in ED106! I can see that a lot of information will be added to my instructional methods!


Strengths and Resources

This training was valuable in gainng knowledge about the use of varying forms of content delivery to accomodate different learning styles, the importance in visual information in learning and retention, how to effectively evaluate student progress and manage missed assignments/work.  Additionally, the importance of teaching skills and faciliating application to career fields in student success as well as connecting the relevance of the course material.

Student motivation

This training was helpful in learning about specific  issues that influence students motivation in the classroom and strategies to apply to faciliate student motivation, improve self perceptions about their abilities, and overall performance.

Communication and Conduct in an Online Environment

I found our online faculty development course to be a good supporting element (and reminder) for why tone matters in email correspondences and how setting up a code of conduct right from the beginning of class helps communication flow better. This was a good review of some basic online concepts.


Framing Questions with a connection to what a student is currently experiencing gets a better response than general questions.

I give examples that may be playing out in their lives and that usually activates their interest. I then can proceed to the lessons

and how that dovetails with their thinking.