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this was an awsome course i think every one needs do do it it can help them get better

Course Applause

I thought it was a very well designed program.

Wow..What a Great Course

I just completed Course ED102. It was a great experience, not only was I able to add to my understanding of successful ways to retain and motivate students. I also learned new techniques to keep students actively engaged in their classes. The information in this course motivated me to REFOCUS my instruction, and look closer at the varying needs of each student. It will ultimately help me become a better instructor, and increase my ability to be versatile as the needs of my students change.  


I thoroughly enjoyed this session!  It provided detailed instruction on how I can improve myself as an instructor and better provide the information to my students.  AWESOME!!!!!!

This was great!!!!

I'm new to the teaching profession and found this to be very enlightening.  I could actually identify a student from each of my classes in the examples given.  This has given me insight on how to "cope" with each student in a more proactive manner. 

I look forward to my next class.

ELL students

Students with English as the Learning Language is a challenge for both instructor and student.  It is difficult to understand the problem or question the student is asking.  As an instructor it is our responsibility to help the student succeed in class and apply the course content to their career.  As a new instructor, I find it extremely difficult when I dont understand the student due to a heavy accent or misunderstading.  One technique I have found helpful is to have the student write down what they are asking.  This gives me a clear direction especially if I am having a hard time making out what they are saying because of the accent. 

Is there any other suggestions that may be helpful?

backup instructional plan

As a new instructor,  I've learned, so far, that being "extra" prepared for class is crucial.  Having a back up plan in case you are losing the attention of your students has been helpful.  Once back up plan I have used is a class activity involving the vocabulary and small groups.  I break the class up into teams of 3-4 people.  give each team a pharse or topic to look up in the book.  Then the team must explain their topic using picture drawings only.  Its a fun activity that gets the students involved and has some nostalgia attached to it.  The student love this and it makes the class fun!

new instructor

As a new instructor, i have been teaching for 6 months.  This course has been extremely helpful to me in student management and monitoring.  Learning strategies on how to handle with students with different learning personalities and levels was very useful. 


These classes are very helpful to me and I will certainly take back those techniques that are applicable. Until you actually take these classes you don't realize that most of the everything you have to deal with you are not alone. I addition, I like the scenes from Harvard and overall it helps me reflect and take inventory of mt classroom procedures.I will implement more media technology. I can listen but I am a newcomer working on my P.H.D.  The classes are rewarding and I look forward to completing all the classes that are applicable. Students today need so much more encouragment and support. Understanding and assessing their needs and getting to know them is very critical to their success in their college. I encourage my students to talk to me about things that are borthering them. If you can get to s atudent who has decided to quit and offer some different advise, then it can be a win win situation. With some students you try and do your best. I love teaching, helping the students reach their full potential is one of the reasons I teach. Time management is a problem for some of my students. In these classes I am learning different ways and some of the skills and tools I have learned are awesome.


This is silly that you HAVE to participate in a forum to complete a course.

Student Retention Methods

This module or topic was accurate and very informative and I enjoyed it very much!!!!


great topic

Rubric For Lab

Hello Everyone,

I am so grateful to have all of you as a community of knowledge.  I have a challenge for which I need some input and help.  I am trying to create a Rubric for our weekly Lab Assessments.  I teach Surgical Technology and our lab classes are hands-on techniques.  We now use a check-off form which indicates "meets expectations" or "needs improvement".  ED101 has inspired me to move these very important "bones" of my students' futures to have more impact on them to practice and improve---I believe a Rubric grading is the answer.  I would love to work with anyone interested!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Lois McGrath CST/CSPDT

stress management

110 managing stress techniques for personal & professional life was very helpful

Completed E101, E105 &E107

Although it is sometimes exhausting, it's always good for me to go back to school  It helps me to see curriculum through someone else's perspective. It helps me to rethink the layout of my objectives and think of new experiments for my students.  I guess in short, it's a bit like being inspired again.


Barry Karrh

ED 106

ED 106 made me realize that just because they are adult learners they still may be in the process of learning how to read instead of reading for instruction or reading to learn, because of their past experiences, we so quickly jump to the conclusion that they have the necessary skills to be successful in the college environment, when they need detailed instructions also.  I sometimes may be a micorowave instructor, when instead I need to pre-heat, and bake at the desired temperature and at the required time necessary to make sure all students acheive their educational goals, and be successful in the college environment as well as in their desired workforce.

ED102 Student Retention Methods

Enjoyed the training.  Very informative!

Participate to Complete


Dental Intructor

I had completed ED 106.

I was wandering if anybody else had find the subject  very intense as I did.

At this time I do not have any student with learning disability, But if  it ever comes to my attention that such student will be part of my classroom educational program I will do my best to help persuing the program.

any fee back is most appriciated.

thank you


ED 102 - Information shared in Videos

I found myself going back and re-playing the different videos shared during the course. The information shared by subject matter experts (SMEs) in the videos was outstanding. Two videos will serve as cornerstones for me. The first video covered the qualities of an effective instructor. The information conveyed by the SME is something that each instructor should embrace. I personally believe embrace and apply will strengthen my ability to help the students to achieve his/her goals and improve their educational journey while taking the class. The second video discussed the four things that great teachers do. Once again, the SME provided a foundational base to drawn upon when striving to fulfill the objectives of the class and students' needs while enhancing their educational journey. I walk away from the ED 102 course fully charged and ready for action.

This was an outstanding class!