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team dynamics

I enjoyed the content. But would like more feedback on how different teams work together. Many of us work in various teams. I can apply these to several teams I work with. The issue is often how one team breaking apart affects other teams. IE management teams effecting department teams.

Helpfulness of course

I found this class a great refresher! Wonderful topics !!

Management Style

Many managers feel that those that work for them need to be lead by correcting the negative. What I mean by this is that they feel they have to point out the things an employee is doing wrong and correct those but ignore what the employee is doing correctly. The feeling is that they will know what they are doing right and this does not have to be addressed. This is an incorrect assumption most of the time. Making sure the employee know the correct course of action and reinforcing this action is as important as correcting the wrong course.… >>>

How to improve team management

Well, I would have to say commitment would have to be a biggie in my book. first of all, we need to know if members feel the team mission and goals are important. Are they willing to go the extra mile. So I would have to say getting a clear concept of your comrades help out a whole lot.

leadership qualities

Leadership Qualities Leadership is not a noun; it’s a verb. Leadership is often identified as a position and not of a person taking action. Leadership is a descriptive term identifying the actions, behaviors and methodologies of communication. No leader can be effective if he/she cannot deliver and display all three elements. Actions: A leader must be willing to take actions and accept responsibility for decisions made. No leader can be successful if she/he fails to make critical decisions. It is at the moments after critical decisions are made, when the subordinates identify the style of the leader and communicates throughout… >>>

Encouraging part-time employees

How do you encourage part-time employees to care as much about there job or task at hand as full-time employees would?


One of my favorite management styles is "MBWA" - or Management By Walking Around. This style allows executives to gather information and opinions about what is happening from diverse sources, find out what's on people's minds, and learn firsthand what is going on in the organization. In my line of work (strategy development and execution) it is important for management to have their finger the pulse of the organization. MBWA and an open door policy can help executives gather this critical information informally.

What is the best advice on managment training?

As a Director, I am always in search of training, but how often is sufficient to keep me fresh in my management style?


will people perform worse if they are over loaded

New Management Role

What would you consider advice to a new management position in regards to being an effective leader?


I noticed that the recommended reading for this course was associated with the book _Blink_. I wonder if effective leaders are particularly adept at trusting their intuition?

Motivating a Sales Team Without Budgets

Recently our organization took away set budgets for our sales reps with the mindset that the pressure can cause desperation and unethical sales practices. Most of our organization has seen a decrease in production since the change. Can you TRULY gain the results you need without the ability to both manage and lead your team? Especially if you can no longer hold your sales reps accountable for poor performance. What I've found in this new environment is that it's even more important to find what motivates your team internally. I have fortunately continued to see positive results, however I am… >>>

Faster results when using feedback......

Feedback from employees is helpful in solving problems quickly. Most of the time, the employees are already aware of the problem before management becomes involved. Most quality employees have already been thinking or working on a solution. Involving them in the process only encourages them to continue to be proactive in the future.

Direct Reports

My direct reports do their jobs well but when it come to turning in reports they can't seem to get them in on time. What ie the best way to get them to understand that their reports are important and need to be turned in on time

To Lead with no Power!

Is it truley possible to lead when given no power? If your title is only in name can you lead?

How to improve team communication for offsite team members?

Empowering all team member to be vocal and ask questions when they do not understand tasks assigned and communicate with other team members for advice and guidance when stuck on assignments. Team members are located at different locations, therefore reaching out to others may be necessary.

What needs to happen for a Change to be successful

Many years ago I attended a lecture and was given the following information, about what needs to happen in order for a change to be successful. I could not recall the authors name, but I really believe this information helps,when I speak to the staff about upcoming changes. CHANGE REQUIRES Vision Skills Incentive Resources Action Plan Vision---If you do not have vision you will get CONFUSION Skills---lack of skills you will get ANXIETY Incentive--- slow if there is lack of incentive GRADUAL CHANGE Resource---If you do not have resources, you get FRUSTRATION Action Plan---If you fail to have an action… >>>


I like to think that leadership sometimes does overlap with management when you are working with an employee that needs a lot of motivation.

Effective Leadership

An effective leader identifies not only outstanding team players, but promotes them/acknowledges them in a way that makes the employee feel like a critical part of the team (which they are)!

Effective Leadership

An effective leader identifies not only outstanding team players, but promotes them/acknowledges them in a way that makes the employee feel like a critical part of the team (which they are)!