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To Much Motivation

Although I oversee one co-worker, she is highly motivated and productive. She is an excellent employee and co-worker, however sometimes she needs to slow down because it seems unprofessional. How would I communicate this without discouraging my co-worker.

She is also highly competitive and keeps her number up always above mine which is great but when my numbers happen to go above about hers she makes it known and she demonstrates becoming discouraged.

I tell her it is a team effort.

Great question & a challenging situation.

One possibility is to have a conversation with her to discuss how she views her impact on those around her. Often folks who are highly motivated are so focused on achieving & getting things done that they fail to pick up their heads & see the impact they are having on others. Engaging her in a conversation about how she sees herself & how she thinks others see her & her work might be helpful. The important thing here would be to keep the conversation away from achievement as obviously she does well here. But rather helping her to focus on the human factor. I hope this helps.

Thank you, I will try it. I will let you know how it goes.

Maria Elena

Maria Elena, Motivation is so infectious! When praising this co-worker for her strength in this area, and the energy that she expresses. It may be helpful to both of you, to keep the success of the numbers as focus at all times. This may take the unneccessary pressure off herself when down. Then the feeling of accomplishment can be shared,as well as brainstorming to keep all numbers up. Shari Short

Is it possible to have too much motivation? I believe only when you become uninterested the the subject matter or just burnt out.

good question. I guess if you become burnt out or uninterested, I would argue that you are no longer motivated so I gues I would say there is no such thing as too much motivation.

Dr. Ryan Meers

Maria Elena,

Is your colleague ever happy for your accomplishments, or is it a one way street with you always encouraging her?

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