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Individual Contributor wants to become a TEAM LEADER

I have been with my current company for about 5 years now and have been the only one in my department. Over the years the school has grown and in my particular department, I am in need of additional help. Soon I will be faced with managing additional staff and wanted to be prepared for a leadership role and that is what promted me to take this course. I am solely responsible for this department. I have two concerns, one is that I will be afraid to delegate and leave responsibility to someone else because I feel ultimately it will fall on me. Secondly, because I feel that way I will continue to keep my plate full and not be able to grow as a team. I know that I have to work on this, but I know when I do something that it is not only done right but to the best it can be.

Any suggestions on how to lessen controling behavior?

Hi, with your concerns I bet you will do well. I was in business for many years and now in education for 9, you can't grow bigger or increase the size of your staff without delegating. Clear goals and mile stones with collaborative meetings will create a strong team. Good luck. This course has increased my awareness of group team has been together a long time.

Hi Deana,

You should not be afraid to delegate. You have hired people who you feel are capable so you should have confidence in them. The should have passion for the work that they are doing just as you. I am sure you will select individuals who seek out creative challenges, love to learn,
and take great pride in a job well done.

People with such energy often seem
restless with the status quo. They will not need to be micromanaged and this will increase productivity and decrease your workload.

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