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Helpfulness of course

I found this class a great refresher! Wonderful topics !!

Yes well there were some benefits to it. I found myself seeing where I could make improvements within my business unit.

The course was quite insightful. It reinforced many things that I had learned along the way, and gave me new ideas to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Very true statement. I am now in my first true management position in my career. I had worked
in groups and teams throughout my schooling.
However, when you are responsible for managing
a team that requires decisions for the company
move on, it is quite a different beast.

At least it was a beast. I have been learning
how to properly control group discussions and
move team members towards decision making.

This course helped re-inforce those ideas.

Team leading is indeed an art and a science.

I'm glad the course was helpful.

You are correct that leading a team is an art, as well as a science. This is partly because it takes both creativity and organization to keep a team on target. The use of checklists and milestones are always good strategies for new managers to use with teams.

Good luck!

Being that I have a military background. I find that there are many new concepts that we don't have to deal with. In the civilian realm, I find that there is actually name for some of these problems. Its not that they don't exsist in the military, it is that they are not identifird and addressed as problems.

This course has given me insight that I overlooked and did not take very seriously the importance of team management. After taking this class I can clearly see the importance in large companies, where there are so many different typse of teams associated with various departments and the collective decision making within the given team and its management. I really enjoyed this course


Great insights! I am glad the course was valuable.

Dr. Jamie Morley

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