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When working with my team, at times it seems that individuals that take more work to motivate fall in and out of motivation more easily than those that stay motivated. What is a good way to keep the less motivated people stay motivated longer?

This is a very tough, good question that I'm not sure anyone has yet found the answer to it. In all honesty, I'm not sure there is anything that you can do besides continuing to try & motivate them. Make sure you have discovered the best way to motivate them & then proceed from there.

I've found that meeting with staff individually has been beneficial in learning more about them and trying to explore what motivates them. I've learned if I can match an activity or assignment to my instructors based on their interests, I get higher quality work and they tend to get excited and creative.

Again a great suggestion. I don't think anything can take the place of truly knowing your team.

In motivating my staff and working to develop the team to the next level. I may have the thought of what direction we need to be headed in, however, I will probe the employees to brainstorm and provide me with overall solutions. When their solutions correspond with our vision, it is a win-win, and the employees are truly motivated by being a part of the solution. I have seen this be successful, because the employees take ownership of the tasks at a totally different level and complete the tasks with great quality and timely.

A great strategy. Daniel Goleman developed 6 leadership styles based on Emotional Intelligence. One of the most effective is authoritative (not authoritarian) combined with democratic. In this situation the leader provides the outline of the vision but allows room to fill it in. Just what you've done!

Investing in employees and engaging them more regularly with goal-oriented tasks seems to keep them motivated longer. Mentoring employees with others also seems to help both employees.

yes & making sure that we help them see the connection between their tasks & the goals & mission of the organization is key.

Dr. Ryan Meers

I keep an open door policy with my staff. They appreciate that they feel they can come to me and that I listen to their thoughts and ideas. At the same time, they know that some things are gravity and cannot be changed. A certain level of transparency helps us to all "scrub in" and get things done.

this is an excellent point. There are some things that we, as managers, cannot change as they are "gravity." But the more we communicate with our team, the more willing they are to accept these areas & issues.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

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