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I like how this course explained different types of leadership styles, I believe it's critical to understand your style bc it can help you determine how you can affect the employees under your direct influence. 

We all somehow have a specific goal in life. From young age we dream of something or we have a wish, we want to be or to have. Discipline, the entourage, the environment, that strong desire within must be the driving force to get you there. That vision to be must be strong enough that nothing, no one can stop you. Of course, obstacles, friends even our own bad habits might keep you short of that goal transformed into a vision. It takes more than the idea to be to reach a specific goal.

To be a strategic thinker takes a concerted effort to change not just the way you think, but how one thinks about leading a team.  I beleive that great strategic thinking also clears out negative thoughts because negativity has no options and strategic thinkers always are looking for the other options.  

I have been reminded to emphasize the unique roles and responsibilities of each member as well tofocus our team discussions on problem solving.  

It may seem tricky but learning to adjust in different situations is key to understaning your team and accomplishing company goals. 

There are many types of leadership and learning to adapt between styles to accomplish overall success is what should guide our decisions and strategies. 

This course was great in identifying gifts within my team and utilizing those gifts for delegating tasks

I agree that the concept of critical thinking is important for advancing an educational institution into the future.  I also recognize that it is not something that is practiced frequently enough.  The information provided in this course have given me alot to think about.  

This was great  and so much knowledge for me to using for teaching!

I have learned so much about being a better team member and how i can be more productive.

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