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Employee Development

Employee development is more important than ever in today’s fast-changing business landscape.


Working together as a united team toward achieving a goal

Clear vision

It's important to express a clear vision of where you want your team to go to be successful, and then listen and adjust as needed.

A Boss Who Doesn't Feel It's Necessary to Have 1:1 Meetings


I assist a two Directors.  One I meet with on a weekly basis, the other prefers communication through email.  What do you do when you have initiated a weekly 1:1 with one of your bosses and they say that they don't think it's necessary?  I feel it's necessary since I primarily work remote and there is information that would be easier to share during a 1:1 30 minute weekly or bi-weekly meeting.  I feel sometimes the individual just doesn't want to communicate with people.  

How do I still try to learn about my boss when they don't want to interact much outside of email.  I've only had 2 1:1 touch base meetings with him in the past 2 years.  I've even shared how it will help me help him even better.  

Good information

This is a good information to be use in class with my students

Dealing with management

What is the best strategy to deal with management if they are not buying your idea even with many conversations and evidences?


What defines a good teamwork


This was great  and so much knowledge for me to using for teaching!


avoiding groupthink

its important to value everyones opinion and not fall in line with the majority

Meetings as Workspace

A top takeaway from this course so far has been the idea to make the meeting a workspace. This could mean allowing time for particiapnts to read the egenda - or filling out forms during the merting with less work added to a growing to-do list. 


Meeting Management


I agree that have a specific detailed agenda sent out at least 48 hours to a week in advance with a clearly stated objective to brainstorm, discuss or decide make for the most productive and effective meeting.  I have also found that providing data ahead of time helps to insure everyone comes to the meeting level set on what the problem clearly is or what the data shows. It is always best to decide base on actual data vs feelings,


Good information 

Effective Manager

I believe that leading with influence is important, let your team know what is expected and get their support for a successful outcome.

Meeting Management

 meeting is the place where the group revises, updates, and adds to what it knows as a group. Every group creates its own pool of shared knowledge, experience, judgment and the goal of the objectives must be clear and defined.


Use good skills when giving feedback


Leaders share common qualities and skills that help empower other people. 


Leaders are able to get people to act in accordance to a shared vision. 


Apply the styles that align with the situation.  

Team Dynamics

I would agree with the training's sentiment that dissenting views oftentimes foster convergent thinking, resulting in a focused approach to strategic problem solving and implementation.