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team dynamics

I enjoyed the content. But would like more feedback on how different teams work together. Many of us work in various teams. I can apply these to several teams I work with. The issue is often how one team breaking apart affects other teams. IE management teams effecting department teams.

I find it fascinating to see how the different personalities respond to conflict resolution and challenges.

I have also found over the past couple of months, that all the different team personalities have to click at some point. You cannot have an effective team if no person can find a common ground and/or interest.

I've found that respect and the understanding of agreeing to disagree helps get over some of the hurdles while still maintaining respect for one another on a team. Team dynamics are only going to be successful if everyone feels that their input was taken into consideration when it comes to a final decision. Clearly explaining and breaking down points of a discussion and how it affects the outcome can help a person who's dead-set on his or her way become more open minded and contribute to the team in a more positive manner as the team gels and gets more projects to work on together. Holding people accountable and having everyone on board regarding rules should be known from the outset of any team.

Smaller teams; such as a department or a management team, are also a part of a larger team that is the campus. It sounds like a team identity issue that is preventing the teams from considering their impact on other teams, or putting their own goals above others.

I agree, the content is very informing. Team success with more than one group finds success through each other's goals.

How can time and distance influence/affect team identity? My team is part of an education team which in turn is part of a campus team. We are located several blocks away from the main campus. At times it feels like a few feet away, other times miles away. Does anyone have the same situation with "remote" locations?


So often it doesn’t matter whether a campus is a mile away or 100 miles away – a feeling of disconnect can occur with the staff, faculty and students. Below are a couple ideas to help you and your team to feel more connected.
1. Encourage managers to rotate through all the locations every week. Set up hoteling space so that the individuals can remain productive while visiting. Having open meeting times for the campus staff and faculty will help everybody stay attuned to the needs of the campus.
2. Rotate team meetings between the campuses.
3. Make it a point to include all students, faculty, and staff in events, such as faculty appreciation, student appreciation, orientation, faculty in-service, etc.

Good luck!

Dr. Jamie Morley

Hi Dr. Morley,
Sorry for the late post but I wanted to have some time to try your suggestions. I've begun to rotate meetings between locations. It not only makes the team feel they are part of the entire campus, but it has eliminated the "our place" vs "your place" feeling. Personally, since I have direct reports in both locations, I have split my time between the two campus sites. Some days it's a split day, other times it's one day here and one day there. It makes for a longer day, but it is definitely more productive and makes all team members feel like they are getting their fair share of my attention/coaching/mentoring.


I'm glad some of these suggestions are working! Keep tweaking them so they are right for your institution and the results will be even better!

Dr. Jamie Morley

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