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Leading an Effective Team | Origin: ML112

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Leading an Effective Team

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Leading and Motivating Others | Origin: ML111

This is a general discussion forum for the following learning topic:

Leading and Motivating Others

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

New Manager Transitions | Origin: ML110

This is a general discussion forum for the following learning topic:

New Manager Transitions 

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Project Manager

What Software system would be effective to control the effectiveness of the project process?


Scope Creep

How would you avoid as a project team or leader the Scopecreep if there is no definitive outset?

Identifying the project objectives

I believe on the SMART goals, inspite of the time consumption to identify the project objectives that clearly support your project through out the process as an individual planner. The most valuable tools besides identifying the business proposed project and identify stakeholders need; the SMART(Specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time limited) goal sets and speaks out in a well defined way for the project objectives.

Project management

This course was a good review of what are Project Management Basics. The steps needed to deliver a project to become familiar with all the roles involved.

Feedback on this course

I like the class. I especially liked the availability of the worksheets to download and use after the class is over. I think this management course can be extended into the management of the classroom experience, so I will examine the possible use of the applicable parts of the worksheets towards that purpose.

Team Leader

When managing teams it is highly important to evaluate the overall team's performance rather than the individual contributions

Motivating a team member

Good morning,

i am looking for some input with a situation that doesnt quite fit the mold but which i am sure some of you have dealt. This employee is very intelligent and if you ask her the information, she can rattle it off without error. However, her actual work does not reflect either of the afore mentioned traits. Its full of simple errors. The errors made are on the foundational pieces of our job skills. I have spoken with her about it multiple times. She will improve for a time and then return to less than satisfactory performance. We… >>>

asking team questions

would it be ok to ask a team a question, but individually?

Winds of Change

Although I have years working in a leadership position, due to implementation of new changes and processes, I thought it was pertinent to strip myself from any preconceptions on what I have practiced so far, and relearn and reflect on who I am as a leader. Managing and leading a diverse group of over 50 people during transitioning times can indeed be challenging. This training made me reflect on possible approaches I can take to clearly identify the vision of the department I lead and how it is related to the mission of the company we all are part of.… >>>

active Listening

What is the difference between referring back to points colleagues made earlier, and build on those points and encouraging people to restate the reasons behind their opinions if other team members express confusion or fustration?

A new team?

When is it time to just create a new team?

Leading by context - Netflix slidedeck

If you wonder how the best companies develop a healthy culture of innovation balanced by priorities this slidedeck link has some relevant and candid bullets.  The link is the start of a short dicussion on leadership within context vs leadership by control, but is part of a much larger slidedeck on Netflix's expectation of new employees.

One of the takeways for me is that if a subordinate fails to get a job done to my satisfication, before I blame the subordinate, I should determine whether a properly communicated the context. 

Effectively speaking to convey a vision

I found ML111 to be informative on many different aspects.  A strong takeaway that I had is when trying to convey a message.  Obviously, know the content, know yourself and lastly work the style that best suites you.  I think it is important to remember we all have different strengths.  Use your strengths while working on your shortcomings. 

The coaching leader and why it is important to me


The coaching leader is very important specially for new employees and people that have changed careers. This person understands that you are developing people for the future. The message of "try this and get back to me" is very powerful.  The coaching style works best when the leader wants to help teammates build lasting personal strengths that make them more successful overall.

Team progress

I have found ML113 Team Management to learn new how to diagnose team problems and improve team performance.  I look forward to using techniques in keeping the team on target and working toward objectives.

Myths About Managers

i found this segement was very helpful,re-entering management,afer many years away.

Team Management for PBL

I have found this course is quite useful for project-based learning.

I had already started to apply management concepts that I collected in a somewhat ad-hoc fashion. I must say that this neatly packaged all inclusive structure on the topic will most definitely increase the depth of project management I will be able to apply to the next cohort of students. I'm very much looking forward to testing these concepts in the PBL context.