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Team Performance

I have an opportunity in my position because a segment of the team I lead suffers from groupthink. Now that I'm aware of it I'm going to get it out on the table so that we can effectively deal with it and create some positive outcomes.

That is the only way to get thru things. Not in a rude way but things need to be confronted in a professional way.

I really have to look at what I have going on in my teams. Originally i thought groupthink was a good thing but I see now that it can stifle creativity.

It is a great idea to assess your teams and use some of the knowledge you gain in this course to improve their productivity. Often times, groupthink is confused with brainstorming. Brainstorming is an excellent team activity because it allows everybody to be engaged and involved. Groupthink, on the other hand, is what happens when the team blindly agrees or disagrees without evaluating options or presenting an opposing viewpoint.
Good luck!

Yes I think teams get into groupthink when
A They are too comfortable with each others
B Its easy
C Lot of time, old members try to protect each others ideas thinking that its a "group" thing to do.
D When they are tired or overworked

Groupthink actually may defeat the whole purpose of the objectives of the team
or may lead to wrong conclusions

You are right; people are not creative when they groupthink.Forget about creativivity, they may not be actively thinking at all.


All good points. What strategies have you used to counteract groupthink when it occurs?

Dr. Jamie Morley

Groupthink as opposed to brainstorming can have very negative consequences for an organization. Having all team members looking through the same lens and not look beyond the immediate situation can result in poor decisions. Brainstorming, on the other hand, has some of the characteristics of groupthink, but it done with the big picture in mind and is intended to be expansive in thinking and not myopic.

Thanks for your post,

Dr. Jamie Morley

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