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Leadership and managing a team can be effective when everyone understands the department goals and be creative in coming up with outside the box answers to meet goals.

Dealing with change

You have to be flexible and willing to have change in the work place. Without change it will become stale

Tell and sell

I think it is good to know the people that yo have working for you, it is also good to know their strong points as well as their weak points. I think the tell and sell is a good way to go.

The Phases of Project Management

Given the necessity of all four phases of project management, which phase do you believe to be the most important to a project's success? Why?

The Project Charter

What is a Project Charter and why may it be such a large contributor to the project management process?

Preparing for a Meeting

What do you think is the hardest task in preparing for a meeting with your staff or colleagues? How do you accomplish this task?

Is the Meeting Progressing?

What experiences have you encountered when meetings progressed as scheduled? What went right? When meetings went awry? What went wrong?

Motivation through understanding

In this day and age (as the tutorial pointed out), everyone is pressed for time. A clear vision is a wonderful thing, but won't get a leader very far if there's a pattern of asking more and more of fewer and fewer staff (with few if any incentives). This is an unfortunate result of the horrible economy, and something that takes extra finesse to deal with. How can we, as leaders, deal with this increasingly common situation? A good leader will recognize when her/his employees are overwhelmed and help them prioritize - the leader will perhaps even take on additional… >>>

Buy it , Love it ...or leave it !

You need to love what you do, the passion on your duties and goal makes your dreams come true.

Leadership and Management

In evaluating leadership and management separately, I find that the two overlap frequently. Should they be kept separate to optimize personal growth?


I believe a leader is someone that has the ability to inspire and lead others, without people feeling that they are being led and trampled upon. A leader should also have the strength to ignore criticims and be able to pursue strategieis even if the situation is unpopular.


This training lesson served as an excellent reminder of little things that can be passed over or forgotten when attempting to lead and unify members of the work force.


Being a good leader takes practice.


Management and leadership are important parts of being a successful manager or leader


I like to give managers and team the support that they need in whatever why i can to motivate. I find that just offering to provide whatever assistance you can is a great motivating tool. Most of the time, they will not take you up on the offer, however when they do it is imperative that you follow through timely.

Managing diverse projects within the same department

What tips or strategies have you practiced when your team or department has received multiple and diverse projects to complete within the same timeline ?


As a new manager, I think it is very important to get to know each of your employees to best understand how to manage them. I've seen bad situations happen too many times because a manager simply did not know how to approach a particular employee.


leadership is very important


I think it is very important to be nice to people but not to become part of the group or one of the guy's

Emotional intelligence

How to treat your direct reports fairly in the situation when both of them want to take same day (saturday) off of work to take classes in college. And at least one of them have to work on saturdays...