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Leading and motivating without support

How would you go about trying to motivate a group of instructors when you yourself are not able to get support from your leadership team? There are times when it takes the support and at times resources to do so and this is my delemma.

Let my staff know that I care and when they need that support I am there, it may be a simple yes or no answer or something that I will need to go to my managers and request. I try to be at all the company functions with my staff to show that support.

Good question Richard, but one I wish was not as common a problem as it is.

Unfortunately in these situations it is really dependent upon the middle manager or person in the middle to still motivate the group as much as possible. Then doing your best to one more time discuss with the leadership team why their support is so necessary. This is definitely a very difficult problem.

I think that presence at company fucntions is often overlooked as an important & rather easy way to demonstrate support for your team.

I've recently been in this position as a new employee and my super had my back at all times. It really made me feel good knowing they were there to introduce me to everyone as I knew knowone. She was great in getting conversations rolling as she knew what I had in common with the other folks. I especially appreciate that after not getting that support at a previous job.

That's great Tony! Obviously you have a good supervisor as she not only took time to get to know you but also knows the other folks so she could help you make those common connections. Learn as much as you can from her.

Ryan, can you elaborate further on this point? How do you as leader navigate the waters when several members of their leadership team do not like each other?

very carefully! I think it comes down to a choice. Are you going to stay in the fray & help point out the struggles & reveal the "elephant in the room?" Or is it better for you to withdraw?

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

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