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How to improve team management

Well, I would have to say commitment would have to be a biggie in my book. first of all, we need to know if members feel the team mission and goals are important. Are they willing to go the extra mile. So I would have to say getting a clear concept of your comrades help out a whole lot.

Commitment is on some occasions created by the leader and ensuring the individual is in alignment with organizational goals. Once these items have been investigated then we should question the individuals committment.


I know you and others would agree that the three keys to effective teams are Commitment, Collaboration, and Communication. These three keys will provide exceptional ouctomes to achivieng any team goal or mission

I think one of the toughest elements of working within teams is varying individual commitments to the tasks at hand. One of the toughest elements in a team, either leading or being a member of said team, is that there will always be a mixture of commitment levels from those involved.

One of the keys I have found to combat this issue is to set concrete goals and timelines up front. If each team member knows what is expected of them than they will be more likely to take ownership of their portions and complete them satisfactorily.

I agree, Christopher. Timelines can be a huge help in ensuring all members complete a task successfully. By placing periodic checkpoints, a leader can determine if members are not able to fullfill the required task. This provides an opportunity to collaborate with other members--always ensuring that each member retains a clear level of responsibility.

Team management start with Team selection. It is so important to select individuals who are experts in the field, have time & are committed.Compromise while selecting team members can lead to problems down the road. Once the team members are selected, then the goals have to be well defined by the team leader. Once all the team members are able to relate to the common goal then the management becomes easy. Members with strong opinions & sensitivities might not be a good fit even though they are experts on the subject matter


Starting with a high performing team can certainly help a team get work done. However, team management is also about training people to be their best so that they can one day be top performers as well. Growing performers from within is important because in some situations, there may not be experts to select as team members.

Often times, helping others to grow and learn is a manager's most rewarding experience on the job.

Dr. Jamie Morley

I strongly agree with you Dr. Jamie. I worked in financial aid for 6 years and I applied for a career services advisor position with no experience. I have been working in Career Services for the past 7 months and thanks to the training and support from my manager and my co-workers, I’m part of a strong team and we are all achieving our goals.


Congratulations! Career Services is critical in our industry. An old boss of mine called placement our "moral report card." I am happy you have made a good transition with the help of a strong team.

Dr. Jamie Morley

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