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Effective Leadership

Good leaders are those who understand that they cannot get a job done or run a business effectively without the support of their employees. Don Stamile


A good leader will get to know his subordinates personalities and allow them to participate. This gives them ownership in whatever project they are doing. Don Stamile Chief Instructor

ask and tell

I have used the ask and tell method of management, and it works best to increase productivity.

Recognizing Different Management Styles

Depending on the number of people you supervize, I have found the better you know them the easier it is to use a management style that works best to get the job done. Don Stamile Chief Instructor

Being a leader and not leading them around

In being a leader, it takes effort not to lead your team around, but to allow them the help lead the team. Teams will take the leadership role if you give them the resources to do so, the "Pat on the back" when things are done well, and direction when things bottle up.

Being a leader, and not leading them around.

In being a leader, it takes effort not to lead your team around, but to allow them the help lead the team. Teams will take the leadership role if you give them the resources to do so, the "Pat on the back" when things are done well, and direction when things bottle up.

Responsibilities of a leader

A true leader is one that accepts all input no matter what that may be, he must sort the information and deligate what direction or directions to go. If you use the input given and the the possibilities of what direction to go, the team will feel like what they say matters in the decision making and this builds team confidance, in themselfs as a group and in you as their leader.


It's important for organizations to embrace change when it means growth for the company. Organizations that are afraid of change or feel comfortable with policies and procedures set in place for years run the risk of losing business to their competition who is oftentimes on top of the latest trends in the market.


How do you deal with change and have your employees buy into the new system.


I learned the best way to motivate employees is offering assistant on projects. Also backing the team up in their time of need.


How would someone deal with a team in which they have promoted to management from the same team and now the team is not very happy with your acheivement therefore no one wants to listen?

being a leader

a leader needs to know what needs to be done and know the people that can get it done by encouragement and participation.

leadership and change

Change is good, changing things all the time is not good.Leadership in the change is good if all participants have the same vision.

different personalities

Knowing the people you work with is the utmost importance. Knowing their strong points and weak points.

Leadership Abilities

It definitely is important for a leader to remain focused on his or her responsibilities and the impact of decisions on employees. There is nothing more uncomfortable than working in a work environment with low morale.

Finding the balance

I believe that it is very important for a given leader in a given situation to "barometrically" get an accurate overall reading of the basic personality styles & types of diverse work-patterns and communication devices of their employees (or students, etc.). After successfully doing this, then, find the right balance in their own leadership style to best keep the group motivated, and productively working and doing so out of respect for the given leader involved. This skill requires a real talent for reading people and understanding them.

Leadership vs Management

There is a false belief that just because a person is in a management position they are an effective leader. Management and leadership are two different skills. Managing people has to do with scheduling, profiling, placing, and so on. Even though this is a vital part of business it does not address the human aspect of the group. Leaders must first be people; complete with vulnerabilities, flaws, and concerns just as the people they must lead. We all have the need to be lead by someone who we can relate to. Managers may say "move that mountain." Leaders must say "Come help me move that mountain."

Is Leadership a Privilege?

It has been said that leadership is a privilege, not a position. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

The Most Important Supervisory Skills

As an established manager or new manager, what skills, qualities and competencies do you believe are the most important to supervising others?

The Leader as a Coach

What is your definition of effective coaching?