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What traits do you believe make a good leader?

I believe integrity, honesty and compassion are all key to being a successful leader. I believe in utilizing a Democratic technique when leading. Getting your employees input and designating responsibility not only helps with motivation but also with the success of an organization. Some other traits are the ability to listen and react constructively and to align others towards a common goal and uncover common barriers that may inhibit an employee to do their job.

Yes, these are all great traits. Democratic can be a very powerful leadership style when used with an experienced group who are very skilled & capable. And when the leader has provided that compelling vision so they know where they are headed.

My experience as a leader is we have to learn to listen and respects people opinions and ideas. Working together as a team in coming up with stratagy's together.

Great points. The more a leader listens & respects the opinions/ideas of others, the more effective she/he will be.

In addition to listening and respecting the opinions of others, a good leader knows the importance of creating an environment where individuals feel empowered to discuss their issues in a professional manner without fear of reprisal. When significant changes occur in the workplace, this is especially important as staff are settling into new roles and discovering the inevitable challenges that go along with such situations.

Absolutely! As leaders, especially in times of change & transition, we must not be afraid to let people voice their opinions & event dissent. In these times we have an opportunity to help them see where we are coming from, but only if we work to hear them & see where they are coming from.

I think the word "Leader" sums it up. A leader is up front, showing everyone the way, and modeling how things are to be done. People have different skill sets. Some require more guidance, and some require only to be told what the expected outcome should be, but all nead someone to lead the way. So in my mind, the leader is the one who knows where we are going, and has the ability to keep everyone pointed in that direction.

I think a good Leader has to posses vision. I also believe that they should be able to develop the strategies necessary to make the vision a reality. Passion, ability to build a effective motivated team, and integrity are key as well. But I think Leadership starts with a clear vision of what you plan to accomplish.

Absolutely! And to me the key to a good leader is one who sets the vision & then allows the followers to have input as to the best way to achieve the vision.

I would have to agree on this statement. Integrity is huge in my opinion. I believe that people learn from seeing their managers/leaders in action. When they notice their manager is a person with integrity and honesty, it causes a chain reaction for the rest.

I completely agree. The value of integrity cannot be measured.

Dr. Ryan Meers

A successful leader is one who earns and maintains respect. One who leads by example, who invests in the team. who is committed and dedicated, and who is able to empower others.

I also think that coaching is the best method in somer situations-especially one on one situations- pointing out someon'e strengths and weaknesses(areas for Improvement) many times are the best motivator

yes, these times are when coaching can be very effective.

Dr. Ryan Meers

I agree with you, but I also believe that you unexperience employees coaching is an excellent laedership style.

yes, coaching is a great way to lead all employees.

Dr. Ryan Meers

Transparency and the ability to connect in all levels are valuable traits that will allow anyone to grow in the leadership role. A leader is a good motivator as a manager is a good delegator. In my role, I need to wear multiple hats and I am finding areas for improvement on when to switch the hat. There is no substitution for OJT and experience. We must learn from our mistakes and not be afraid of taking wise risks from time to time. The ability to take these risks will strengthen my ability.

I completely agree. And I think this will help our employees know that it's safe for them to learn on the job as well.

Dr. Ryan Meers

I believe a good leader has to have many qualities for example Honesty, Integrity, compassion and respect. Main trait is good communication and care for all team players.

Learning on the job as well as class was hugh for me... It let me know that what I missed or forgot in the classroom would'nt be held against me... there was still so much training to be done and still so much to learn. My supervisor let me know that we are always still learning and we need to remind new employees of that. Especially if they just finished school, or are still attending school.

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