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What predominant obstacles contribute to team disassembling?

In a nutshell, I believe lack of communication or ineffective of communication is the predominant obstacles.

Hi Shane,

You are correct. Communication is the foundation for all successful teams.

The key is providing the proper framework around all methods of communication to ensure formal and informal discussions add value to the task at hand and keep the team working together.

Best Regards,

Greg Nathanson

I agree egos get in the way.

We have some very opinionated people who also make it difficult for others to speak up at meetings. We all agreed, I would make up an agenda, anyone can submit a topic to the agenda, as along as it comes in 24 hrs in advance. Then, we stick to the agenda. Off-topics items team members want to discuss are put on the agenda for the next meeting. This helps the meetings flow a little better and keep the team members from completely disassembling.

Lack of communication is the predominant obstacle in just about anything regarding personal or working relationships. As communication fails, team members can become reclusive, hostile, or disinterested.

Another key obstacle is the lack of leadership. Teams become disenchanted. Their motivation drops and the team starts to fall apart. When discussing leadership remember it may not only be the "assigned" leader. Each team member has an opportunity to step up and assume the mantel of leadership.

Ron Obstfeld

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