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active Listening

What is the difference between referring back to points colleagues made earlier, and build on those points and encouraging people to restate the reasons behind their opinions if other team members express confusion or fustration?

A new team?

When is it time to just create a new team?

Leading by context - Netflix slidedeck

If you wonder how the best companies develop a healthy culture of innovation balanced by priorities this slidedeck link has some relevant and candid bullets.  The link is the start of a short dicussion on leadership within context vs leadership by control, but is part of a much larger slidedeck on Netflix's expectation of new employees.

One of the takeways for me is that if a subordinate fails to get a job done to my satisfication, before I blame the subordinate, I should determine whether a properly communicated the context. 

Effectively speaking to convey a vision

I found ML111 to be informative on many different aspects.  A strong takeaway that I had is when trying to convey a message.  Obviously, know the content, know yourself and lastly work the style that best suites you.  I think it is important to remember we all have different strengths.  Use your strengths while working on your shortcomings. 

The coaching leader and why it is important to me


The coaching leader is very important specially for new employees and people that have changed careers. This person understands that you are developing people for the future. The message of "try this and get back to me" is very powerful.  The coaching style works best when the leader wants to help teammates build lasting personal strengths that make them more successful overall.

Team progress

I have found ML113 Team Management to learn new how to diagnose team problems and improve team performance.  I look forward to using techniques in keeping the team on target and working toward objectives.

Myths About Managers

i found this segement was very helpful,re-entering management,afer many years away.

Team Management for PBL

I have found this course is quite useful for project-based learning.

I had already started to apply management concepts that I collected in a somewhat ad-hoc fashion. I must say that this neatly packaged all inclusive structure on the topic will most definitely increase the depth of project management I will be able to apply to the next cohort of students. I'm very much looking forward to testing these concepts in the PBL context.

Lead by Example

I think that active participation of the leader is vital. Leadin by example will tell other members that the leader is passionate in what he/she is doing. This will promote a team spirit and participation. What is your input on this topic?

Beneficial for a New Manager

I found this course to be very beneficial as a newer manager.  The outline and topics are easy to follow.  The scenario based questions were perfect for my current position.


I found the scenarios in this section very useful. I really enjoyed the emphasis on delivering a vision to a team. Also, motivating others to do what you want them to is a skill worth mastering and i look forward to working on this. Overall, very informative.


I am looking forward to utilizing the motivation techniques with my team. I feel motivation will help us reach our goals for our students and faculty. 

Leadership Styles

After reading through the leadership styles, I found that I use a more democratic approach. However, during certain situations I can alter into another style to fit the task at hand. I realise that many of my counterparts use other leadership styles and this part of class helps me to see how to better work with them or when the best leadership style is appropriate. 

Positive meetings

These are very helpful in conducting meetings.  When I first started, I had a challenge of starting and ending on time.  I have gotten a lot better and I'm sure all these tips will help me be even more effective in meetings. 

Leadership Styles

To have a few different Leadership Styles is very clear to any efficient leader.

What is the purpose of having meeting?

The most influential and essential aspect of working within the team is to promote a great working enviroment. Learning and respecting the team often shows how apparent and how in tune the leader is. A great leader voice is heard through the production of the team I personally believe in working and guiding my team without hestitation. This element has been a great resource in the classroom setting. Learning how to lead by example has been challenging yet rewarding at the same time one have meetings to assure that everyone is on the say playing field. This MaxKnowledge has truly open my mind to studying the classroom setting differently have a wonderful and great day. My question to everyone what is your purpose for direction in the field that you are employed in?

Interim Campus Director

I was  appointed the role of  Interim Campus Director and this course as given me so much insight has to how to deal with my staff and the way in which to approach certain employees behavior at work and how to deal with the work environment.

Verification and impact on accrediting

My campus just underwent an accrediting change, so it was interesting to see the change in value of placement.  Our site goals do not change, but my work was not seen as impactful as other departments.  I appreciate the third party verification and have hopes that it can ensure more stability in the CS records that we have.  I think that in addition to work numbers to find those AWOL graduates, it will prove very helpful in finding out where our students are going to work and what steps we can do to strengthen communication with our students once they graduate.

Improving Documentation in Graduate Files

After completing this course, I will now improve the way I take Case Notes in my Student Database.  I will make sure my notes are thorough and not abbreviated. Good notes lead to continuity of service. 

Team Management

This course was very interesting. I think there is a pending issue.

What may I do whena worker is not integrated into the team? If i do everything I can to integrate him/her but it was not posible, is there anything else to do? Would I have to fire him? 

Sometimes it´s very difficult to see where the limit is to preserve that worker.