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What is the purpose of having meeting?

The most influential and essential aspect of working within the team is to promote a great working enviroment. Learning and respecting the team often shows how apparent and how in tune the leader is. A great leader voice is heard through the production of the team I personally believe in working and guiding my team without hestitation. This element has been a great resource in the classroom setting. Learning how to lead by example has been challenging yet rewarding at the same time one have meetings to assure that everyone is on the say playing field. This MaxKnowledge has truly… >>>

Interim Campus Director

I was  appointed the role of  Interim Campus Director and this course as given me so much insight has to how to deal with my staff and the way in which to approach certain employees behavior at work and how to deal with the work environment.

Verification and impact on accrediting

My campus just underwent an accrediting change, so it was interesting to see the change in value of placement.  Our site goals do not change, but my work was not seen as impactful as other departments.  I appreciate the third party verification and have hopes that it can ensure more stability in the CS records that we have.  I think that in addition to work numbers to find those AWOL graduates, it will prove very helpful in finding out where our students are going to work and what steps we can do to strengthen communication with our students once they graduate.

Improving Documentation in Graduate Files

After completing this course, I will now improve the way I take Case Notes in my Student Database.  I will make sure my notes are thorough and not abbreviated. Good notes lead to continuity of service. 

Team Management

This course was very interesting. I think there is a pending issue.

What may I do whena worker is not integrated into the team? If i do everything I can to integrate him/her but it was not posible, is there anything else to do? Would I have to fire him? 

Sometimes it´s very difficult to see where the limit is to preserve that worker.

Preparing for interview - Managerial Post

I have been shortlisted for an interview at Managerial Post level and want to find out how best to prepare for the post.



Leading and Motivating

This course helped me to fully understand the difference between a manager and a leader. Now I can move forward in my new position and guide my team in the right direction.

When leadership turns into enabling.

Working as a leader of a group of instructors, I do not want to create a an enabling environment. My attitude is if they can't do it, I'll do it myself. Although, this roles motivates my team, and shows them I'm a part of "The Team." I don't' want them to get lackadaisical about their job.


Motivation about the subject you teach leader the students to be interesting on the subject.

Employees that are too hard on themselves

In the past I’ve worked with some employees that were too hard on themselves when they would make mistakes. I usually tried to help by downplaying the significance of the mistake as they were often times trivial, but such an approach isn’t appropiate if the mistakes are more serious. What are some of the best practices for these sort of situations?

A motivated team is doubly valuable

All the techniques required to implement motivation and autonomy in a team, must be implemented. A team that has a clear vision and also has the quality to self-regulate, is a team with which you want to work. But this should be constructed specifically by the team leader. It will never get your hands on a team as you dream. A team is a sum of personalities, actions, decisions and building their leader. Hence the importance of being a leader focused on a clearly defined vision

Team sponsors choosing team members for team leaders

I would like to know what is the best way a team leader could address the situation outlined in the material with regard to negative team selection methodology: You'll be leading a new Web site design team, and the team's sponsor has assigned most of the members. Among them is Hugh, the sponsor's right-hand man. Hugh has little knowledge of Web site design, but the sponsor has asked him to report back on two other members whom the sponsor mistrusts. Once the other team members discover Hugh's role as informant, team morale suffers.

Keeping superiors on meeting agenda is challenging.

At times during my meetings, I find that it is difficult to keep my bosses on track and to stay within the time and agenda. Any pointers so I can bring the meeting back to the agenda on time without upsetting them?

Promoted before Veteran Faculty, Challenges of Compliance

I am one of those stories of an instructor who "fell" into teaching by chance. I started out as an on-call substitute and less than 6 months later I'm the Academic Coordinator of all programs at a private college, bypassing Head Instructor. I was able to attain the position due to my understanding and interpretation of accreditation standards. Having previous regulatory experience between Biopharmaceutical and FDA regulations, I was able to apply those skills in an academic setting. Unfortunately, I'm receiving resentment from veteran faculty. This course is helping me develop appropriate managerial skills in dealing with my relatively new… >>>

Signs of Ineffective Leadership

I learned a lot from studying this particular section. There were certain areas which stung a bit. I caught myself re-evaluating and often looking in the mirror. Sometimes we think we are excelling or surpassing in most arenas. However, it is great to have frequent self evaluations or provide feedback tools to our team in order to measure the temperature of our true effectiveness. I particularly like the Team Audit and Team Effectiveness Worksheets to assess many areas of team vision and goals all the way to team leadership. Implementation of these tools can help to identify the following symptoms:… >>>

Improving Team Communicaton

Many times we hear that communication is one of the biggest issues within any corporation at various levels of management. It is important that those individuals in position of higher management realize the effect that a wall of collapsed communication can have within the company. Many times it like a rumor, by the time it makes it to its destination so much has changed about it that you really don't know what to say or do.

Difficult Student in our Career Institute

I have this Student who is influencing my other students negatively. She is always tardy and whenever she is corrected privately she will yell at anybody that corrects her. She has problems with everybody in her class and all the teachers. The School has helped her financially to pay her rent. She comes to ask for more money and when we are unable to help she will find a way to disrupt the class. We have used both internal and external factors to motivate her but have been unsuccessful. Whenever she is absent she does not return our calls.

making students understand vocabulary

Sometimes I have trouble with students vocabulary --Any suggestions.

Too many meetings?

When does it become apparent that there are too many meetings?

Motivating An Employee

How would I motivate an employee to be consistent in complying policies and procedures? He follows for a short period of time and then needs to be reminded to get back on track. This has become a recurring cycle.