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Problems with being on time

One issue that seems to plague the school that I teach is getting students in the class on time. It seems that it is an issue within the whole facilty and that the students (mostly 18 - 25) are not used to being made to be on time. Is there a way to get them in and keep them motivated to come to class on time without being to aggressive in enforcing this measure?

Motivating students not to wait until the last moment

One of the issues that I have is trying to motivate the class at the beginning of the course to get a head start on projects that will be do later. It seems after multiple classes of trying to put an urgency on this matter, the results are always the same. Most wait until the last moment to do the projects and simply rush through them and it shows in the work. Any advice on how to help with this problem?

Keeping Motivated in Certificate Course Setting

I instruct an entry portion of a 3 week certificated vocational course. Every week I am meeting a new class. Suggestions on staying motivated and handling the stress are appreciated.

Turning in Lab projects

The school has set up multiple Lab projects for the students to do during the course but it seems that they are hardly ever turned in on time or not at all. How can you motivate the students when the guidelines are set forth by the school?

the fine line between helping and "coddling"

Where's the line between the two. Is letting a student take a quiz several times until he/she passes help the student to learn or is that "coddling".

The Talker

Any other ideas on how to discourage excessive participation (talking) from the "talkers" in the class. I always have some students that are thankfully very enthusiastic but take up more than their fair share of the discussion. I want to be able to discourage the excess without hurting someone's feelings. Any ideas, Dan.


Is there such thing as too much attention? Coddling? Where's the fine line between coddling and the right amount of student attention. In my experience, some students are very needy, like a dog that can't get enough petting. Dan.

Learning Disabilities

I've had several students with learning disabilities and others with chemical dependencies. I find those with "physical" impairments are the easiest for me to adjust to. I'm looking for some ideas on the psychological and learning disabilities like Autism, Asperger's, ADD, ADHD, etc. Thanks, Dan.

Students who can't put in enough extra time due to work

I have had many students that fall behind because they have constraining jobs. I have encouraged them to find more flexible jobs if they are serious about their new career. Any thoughts on how to aproach this scenario?

Moody Students

What can you do about students whose mood changes on a daily basis?

"Learnativity" -- is it more that "Applicability"?

I think that the concept implied in this definition and topic is one of application of "skills learning project management". The objectives (of the learning) must be clearly stated and made visible, along with an application (presented and/or guided by the instructor) of the objective learning that will enable the student to "see", internalize, and use the course materials in their present world. Hopefully, the student will realize that the course content is a "tool" that can be put into their "toolbox" of capabilities that can be transported by them to any of life's work that they engage in; work for compensation, volunteer activity, and home life.

The magic wand!!!

Whenever students have lightbulbs go on in their head, I give them the magic wand. They hold it in remembrance of thier learning moment and pass it to the next student.

the RAP in rapport

i love rapport. and rapping, how can we merge the two to become a whole learnativity?

about learnativity

i think that this is a great chapter. I really took alot from it. new words and all!

personal recopgnition

By giving students personal attention it gives them empowerment and personal growth, but how do you master the art of catering to each student without having favorites.

rewarding students through altenative methods.

does anyone have some new fresh ideas for recognition?


How does everyone feel about students from all backgrounds in one room? I have had some cultural conflict in a few of my classes due to frustrations in cultural conflict. How do I resolve these issues in a general way?

Motivating students

I loved the Crisis game mentioned in this section. What are some key ways of motivating career students? What are some ways of reinforcing general education course material such as English Composition?

Reward and Recognition to Career Students

Having taught secondary school, I found creating a specialized bulletin board that highlighted student achievement to be effective. Can this be just as effective with career students? Or, is it too childish?

Helping Students with learning disabilities

Q: What is the best way to address learning disability issues of students whose language is primarily Spanish? Any suggestions?