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I feel as a director of training its important for instructors to speak to there students one on one ( IN THE PROPER SETTING )to help identify the potential setbacks and struggles there students face ( family , transportation, girlfriend , boyfriend , ect, ) in order to bridge the gap in the learning process and provide effective instruction and help avoid possible gaps in the learning process

Listening Skills?

Yes, career college students definitely have different needs. Sometimes providing those needs is very discouraging; but so very rewarding in many cases. One of the problems we have faced with our student body over the last year or so is their unwillingness to conform to policies and to follow directions. We try to present policies (rules) in a positive manner; but something they are told today, they won't do tomorrow. For example, our students know the importance we place upon attendance. They know the attendance policies, yet several are withdrawn each term because of consistent violations of the policies. This… >>>

Holiday Retention

What are some creative retention ideas to do to ensure students don't drop out during the holiday break? My Team has decided to have a Holiday Party for the students two days before classes start back. Any ideas....I¡¦m all earsƒº

Orgin of REFOCUS

Dr Meers, As you indicated, in one of the other discussion threads, that "The key to good instruction is creativity. I find that many new instructors coming from business/industry have a hard time with this".As an instructor who came from the above source and a student of educational techniques, I was impressed with the REFOCUS strategy. Would you explain your research and how you arrived with this useful concept? Mike Aday

i think it is so important to let our students know we are there for their life change and call the students when they miss class -show you care about them

motivating teachers

How can we motivate students without being motivated ourselves? Our faculty has a difficult time in understanding that today's student is different than yesterdays'. any suggestions?

soft skills

How does the human factor in the classroom relate to the soft skills students need to learn to be effective in the work environment?


I have read elsewhere that students will only stay in school until they meettheir personal goals. How do we get students to reasses their goals and decide to stay?

Classroom instruction and retention

I think what happens in the classroom is the biggest factor in retention. If students can't find meaning in what they are being taught they will leave. What classroom techniques have you used to keep the material fresh and meaningful to the students?

Games and the adult learner

I find that team games work as well with adults as with children. Does anyone have suggestions for games that have been used successfully in the classrooom with adult learners?

do students learn better in groups?

What are your feelings about group projects?...I've always been against them, but now I'm starting to change my views. Since most companies want to have workers with the "soft skills", can group projects stimulate that learned behavior?

age differences and expectations

In some task oriented classes, like computer skills, older students are reluctant to try new things on their own. Would pairing older students with younger students help get them involved or reinforce their feeling of being too old to learn new things?


It's important to have instructors who can discuss certain issues that happen in can arise in the career. Students want to here stories that can provide entertainment and an idea of what it's like out there.


It is difficult to maintain the students' attention for a long period of time. When instructors "refocus", they give the students an opportunity to re-commit themselves.

Retention Strategies

By constant training in the area of retention, faculty members should become familiar with most retention strategies.


Understanding your students will help instructors use the proper techniques according to the characteristics of the group.

Introductory Courses

Usually, the outcome of a course of instruction is a specific skill or an ability to do or understand something. However, in introductory type courses where the objective is to more or less lay out the breath of a topic, the outcome appears to be not much more than short-term memory of a variety of subject matter. Can you provide some insight into how best to deal with these type courses and how and what to measure during examinations.