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How do you motivate students that come from working all day from 9am-5pm...

when they are exhausted physically and mentally? When teaching in the evenings...I find it necessary to give more breaks for coffee and leisure in order to ensure that they maintain their ideal level of attention span for maximum retention.

Is it recommended to create games to enhance learning when teaching a topic that...

doesn't exactly generate excitement or enthusiasm?

How do you provide personal attention to students who have language barriers?

I find it very difficult to provide instruction to students who have language barriers and would like to know what would be the best way to accomodate them.


Hi I work with an institute that has monthly enrollment. That means ever month I get new students that I have to incorporate with existing students. One of my biggest challenges is not allowing the students who are just about to graduate, bring down the newer students. All the newer student energy is what I would like to transfer into the existing student. Does anyone have words of wisdom for me?

i think any time you can use more than one method to teach a student a new piece of information you should use every means too get that information too them where it be props handson labs video or instructor demenstration

ask a certian too repeat in his own words what you have just covered in a lecture

use a bunch of props too make the lesson more intresting

get each student to talk amoungest each other

being alert to what your students hear from you


Students need daily support of how well they are doing. They do not want to hear how bad it is going. Therefore an instuctor must find something in the course of the day that will perpentuate a positive response no matter how small. For the student a positive response can make his or her day. The bottom line is to develop a means of rewarding those who need alittle more than the rest.

A safe and enjoyable enviornment

The student must feel comfortable in his or her enviornment. They must feel safe that for what ever the reason they could always turn to their instructor for help. They must feel secure that though the instructor represents authority, the instructor will always be there for them. My director may not have planned this but it worked out this way. His office was and now is the first aid room. Instead of the student having to deal with an authoritative entity that can be perceived as "The principal", he will do what it takes to HELP. Truly the first aid room is a place for a student asking for help. The student leaves such enviornments with a feeling of security in their future. That security allows the student to return to the instructors class with the strength and drive to accomplish their goals.

Career goals

Can students be motivated that have not set career goals? These students seem to be in a group that shows the highest drop out rate. Mixing them with students that have set firm goals only frustrates them.

Student Retention

One must take the time to see who is excited about the program. One must see if there is some that do not have the excitement and lack the enthusiasm. Take those and redevelop different stategies so to retain the interest of those that need special attention. This for me is not a challenge but the real labor of love I signed up for.

As an educator I feel a responsibility to the student and his or her needs. There must always be an avenue of communication. As the instuctor/educator, it is so important to listen and observe. There will always be a sign, a red flag so to speak that a student is asking for help. It is at this point that the instuctor/educator can truly make the difference in the LIFE of a young person.


I feel that as educators and instructors we must never lose sight of the fact that the students are the reason why we choose to teach , to help them reach and attain there goals and ultimately improve the quality of ther life through education.And the sense of pride that comes from knowing that we as educators and instructors are a key part of them fullfilling ther dream.


I feel that one of the key points to remember to create a comfortable and interactive learning enviroment is that the simple things go a long way , general enthusiasm as well as positive renforcement and feedback on a daily basis keeps the student in the best possible receptive mindset to enable learning at its fullest.


I feel that instructors need to be able to develop a common baseline between them and the student in order to communicate effectively and reach the student on all levels, once this baseline is established and the student feels comfortable communicating with there instructor , it will be easier for the student and instructor to set realistic goals together to allow the instructor insight for creating the best possible learning enviroment for students.


I feel as a director of training its important for instructors to speak to there students one on one ( IN THE PROPER SETTING )to help identify the potential setbacks and struggles there students face ( family , transportation, girlfriend , boyfriend , ect, ) in order to bridge the gap in the learning process and provide effective instruction and help avoid possible gaps in the learning process

Listening Skills?

Yes, career college students definitely have different needs. Sometimes providing those needs is very discouraging; but so very rewarding in many cases. One of the problems we have faced with our student body over the last year or so is their unwillingness to conform to policies and to follow directions. We try to present policies (rules) in a positive manner; but something they are told today, they won't do tomorrow. For example, our students know the importance we place upon attendance. They know the attendance policies, yet several are withdrawn each term because of consistent violations of the policies. This is even with the instructors calling the students when they miss, rewarding those with good attendance, etc. How do you teach them to be "responsible"? LaVerne Adams Academic Dean West Tennessee Business College Jackson, TN 38301

Holiday Retention

What are some creative retention ideas to do to ensure students don't drop out during the holiday break? My Team has decided to have a Holiday Party for the students two days before classes start back. Any ideas....I¡¦m all earsƒº