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English language deficiencies

I would like your help on finding resources and agencies that will provide us with materials and assistance in our effort to offer quality instruction to English language deficiency learning groups. please.


Thank you.

How do you remember student names that are hard to pronounce?

How do you remember student names that are hard to pronounce?


important information

Value of Course

How many of you think that this course was valuable

Enhance teaching style

How would you describe your teaching style?

internal motivation

When teaching adult learners, what ways are best to spark internal motivation when it is lacking?

Enhancing motivation among younger/VS/more adult-mature students

I try almost everything on the book to motivate younger inmature students! I used intrinsic, extrinsic motivators! what else, can I use to implement and increase their motivation! In the other hand, my older, more mature students; I did not have to use hardly ever any kind of intrinsic/extrinsic motivators. They were motivated already!...

Adult Learners

Excellent topic

Printing certificate after survey

What is the right balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivations?

Research has shown that athletes who have the best motivational outcomes, such as persistence, a positive attitude, and unflinching concentration, tend to be both extrinsically and intrinsically motivated. Athletes who are predominantly extrinsically motivated tend to become discouraged when they do not perform to expectations and can experience a downturn in form. Conversely, athletes who are predominantly intrinsically motivated often do not have the competitive drive to become champions. This is because they tend to enjoy mastering the tasks that comprise their chosen discipline, but they lack a strong competitive streak in their personalities.

We can conclude similarly that educators… >>>

Keep them Engaged!

I believe that the best way to teach and manage an adult learner class is through blended learning. Of course, there are methods and models for implementing blended learning -- from the flipped classroom, to the flex model. All of them are on the continuum of just how much time is spent online or in the classroom. Blended Learning can provide a unique way of not only engaging students in collaborative work and projects, but also personalizing and individualizing instruction for students.

However, there is still one piece that is missing from a great blended learning environment: engagement! As an… >>>

student focus

student focus

Making Learning Enjoyable

No one really enjoys going to a classroom where information is pushed at them in such a manner that makes them fall asleep.  When students want to come to class and are enthusiastic, they ask questions, the participate, everyone progresses and before you know it, class time is over and they are chomping at the bit to come to the next class.  

I like using a check on learning so they keep the information that is important and relevant.  Ask about the material they learned from the previous class meeting.  

Does anyone else use this type of approach?… >>>

Great Suggestions for Adult Learners

Adult learners are different from young-just out of high school students. Some adult learners are intimitaded and I think it is the instructor's responsibility to help the adult learner to feel comfortable in class and to get them involved so that the anxiety and intimitation will subside.

customer service

It was diffuclt to learn about customer service

Becoming too friendly

There is a fine line between being a mentor/instructor and becoming too friendly with students.  What students percieve is always different than our intentions

Customer Oriented

Great topic!

loved it

This was a great lesson and I will surely refocus and recharge my batteries.

adult learners

This makes so much sense to me in regards to the adult learner. I have several adult learners in my class misxed in with you learners right after high school and there is bifg difference in how they take in information. 

Address Emotional Reasons for Enrolling/ED 102 Student Retention

I generally do this in each class as a group.  We go around the room and list all the different reasons that the students have decided to enter the program as well as their goals.  Then we list the obstacles that the students experience while in the program.  Then we discuss different ways to overcome those obstacles so as to not let them interfere with the important goals that the students have set. The entire class works as a team to help one another with whatever issues come up in this discussion.

ED 102- Student Retention discusses doing this in… >>>