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One of the many important things I learned was that listening to our student's is always a good way to make them feel like they are heard and though it may not be a classroom problem, it may affect it. 

I have learned that providing feedback in timely manner is imperative to keep students engaged.  If a student is unaware of how they are progressing in the course they may lose momentum.  I will work on providing feedback to students in a more timely manner.

I have learned that breaking up the class presentation and add a variety to the course helps students stay focused and engaged.  Also building rapport with students is important for mutual respect.  I would like to  incorporate a mid semester check with the students to see how they are progressing and provide encouragement and variety.

From this section I have learned that my enthusiasm for the class can be transferred to my students.  Also the enthusiasm can assist with the learning process by incorporating learning activities that are goal oriented and fun.  I will implement group activities that can be perceived by students as fun yet reinforcing a point.

I have learned that students will encounter frustrations and it is my role as the professor to not get involved in the complaint, but to encourage and help come up with an action plan

Learned that there are different styles of learning and instructing. There will be some students that need more help than others. 

Applying different styles of teaching will be beneficial. 

Student Services Advisors should be well versed in advising and following proper protocol. 

I agree. Active listening skills go a long way. Just be normal show a true interest int he conversation. 

Students do not like to be considered as customers. We must provide instruction in ways that allow them to meet the professional standards while letting them feel satisfied as a customer

Learning the specifics of adult learners and how to identify any barriers should help the instructor be aware. Adult learners do differ from the younger generation, however they would be able to bring life experiences into play in the classroom environment. 

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