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This module provided abundant information, emphasizing the reinforcement of students' self-confidence, linking to past life experiences and course material, and concentrating on student expectations. These crucial elements aim to leverage students' strengths, potentially yielding a substantial return on their investment.

Comment on David To's post: Empowering students to assume responsibility enhances their engagement in the learning process, leading to increased success rates.

Highlighting the importance of students assuming responsibility for their learning and practical application is crucial.

Students are self-motivated (Intrinsic) as adult learners, the motivation is increased as opportunities are presented through course study. The grade is a great reward (Extrinsic); the knowledge is greater in that the newly acquired skills will be rewarded in the workplace often many times over both (Extrinsic and Intrinsic).

I have learned that learning to understand the students can benefit both myself and the students by making that connection. Helping them realize that I am trying  to encourage them to keep pushing themselves from being someone that has succeeded in the profession that they are trying to learn.

I think this has been one of the most meaningful topics for me.  Motivating others is a powerful way to increase productivity in students and employees.  Providing autonomy creates an opportunity for a sense of ownership as long as there is a directive that states a general end goal.  Giving individuals tasks that they can do with confidence, but with some challenge, provides the opportunity for intrinsic motivation through mastery.  Having an intimate connection between what the student or employee is doing and knowing how it matters provides purpose in meaning which can create an inner drive and contribute to… >>>

Creating opportunities for students to create portfolios can empower students, increase their motivation and engagement in the coursework, and also better prepare them for employability. 

Providing opportunities to empower students can enhance overall student success throughout the course.  Providing ample use of technology can also increase student access to information and empower students to make a seamless transition from learning in the class to applying and continuing their learning outside of the classroom.

Build rapport with students beginning with day one and learning students names and backgrounds.  Provide lots of opportunity for students to contribute and engage with collaborative learning to increase student empowerment.

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