Student empowerment

Students have the ability to explore careeer choices and selecting their career path is meaningful to them.  The student has control of their future.... >>>

Keep their focus by relaying your medical experiences!

I know I can rely on student success if the students get up and relay what they know to us, for example, telling the class what the pathway of blood through the heart is.
This gives other students... >>>


It is important to show encouragement, concern, and empathy for each student.  They are on a path of self improvment, and we should facilitate... >>>

Empowerment thru Motivation

Empowerment thru motivation is well and powerful phrase. it can go a long way because when you are confident of your teaching methods you tranfer that confidence in learning to your students.... >>>

Enhancing Student Retention

As a novice clinical insructor it is a challenge learning the content of the work and delivering the materials effectively.  But form this lesson I have learnt the factors to keep students... >>>

The difference between to learning behaviors Instrinsic/Extrinsic learning

Both learning behaviors have a common goal to learn at their own pace with the intentions of gaining self security and accomplish some sort of recognination , it can ether be from within or a public... >>>

ED144 Student Empowerment

The course gives great content and ideas for encouraging more involvement by the students. It does also outline the importance the the instructor has in making the students feel empowered by their... >>>


Encouragement can follow failure or... >>>

Know Your Stuff

The more you know about your subject matter, the more confident you are to speak on the content in front of students.
Students sense confidence and nervousness. I overcame nervousness during my... >>>

Motivating Adult students.

This training has been very helpful in giving tips such as waiting to give the instructor time to respond better and also motivating students with rewards from time to time but not overdoing it and... >>>


great philosopher Nietzsche once said, “he who has a why can bear almost any how.” 
 I love this quote and easily apply it to how I practice nursing and how I aim to teach the... >>>

Why action plans are important?

Action plans are very motivating to students' learning because they increase both students' security and autonomy and can motivate students to succeed to the highest level of achieving their... >>>

Sticking to the plan

I found this video very helpful. I have often felt unfulfilled when I don't complete a lesson I planned. Now I am able to make adjustments and be more flexible. The process acts as an assessment for... >>>


Motivating students, being enthusiastic about the content, showing empathy, and showing the students I care about their success in the course are positive ways to enhance the learning experience and... >>>

Turn Training Into Performance

Challenges in remembering the student's names will be a task that I want to overcome.  I am good with faces but connecting the names is difficult.  I will have to associate the student's... >>>

Student Retention Method

I learned al lot in this class. The key is encouraging the students by allowing them to integrate their experiential knowledge with the content of the course. In this way, it increase theri retention... >>>

Advising policies.

It is an eye opening to know how important and advising is to retain a student. it is more than a policy at my... >>>

Student Retention

We were all students once. I like how this module rewires us to be on the other side with... >>>

Keep Students Engaged

Keep students motovated in these difficult... >>>