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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.


Intrinsic motivation is long lasting and need not reward because the student wants to do the tasks. Meanwhile students who need extrinsic motivation can see that the task is completed by is usually influenced by the reward. Over use of extrinsic can led to dis-enchantment and fatigue.

Security and autonomy

Security is when your student have a positive outlook on life and their believe in their personal abilities to preform duties.  Autonomy is the ability to self govern and to have so input or involvement with their activities. Both will enhance the student ability to achieve.


I am a new instuctor so there is much for me to learn.


Learning can be challenging. However, after completing the ED 102 course training I realized, this training session is refreshing for all educators. 

- Refresh/Refocus/Re-Enhance your skills and continue to be that exceptional educator you were called to be. 


Tips and tools for new teachers

I plan to use many tips and tools learned in this course. I like the idea of learning all students names and background. I also like the idea about using notecards to provide anonymous feedback. 

A motivational person in my students eyes.

I feel if I have a positive attitude and because I’m a new instructor and they see that I am putting my best efforts into all that I am teaching them I hope they will be motivated  to do the same .

A fine line

I find this hard to do with a large group of students.

ED410 Training

I enjoyed learning how the flipped classroom promotes constuctivism and promotes social/collaborative learning. Learners talk among themselves and share their understandings, feelings, knowledge, and experiences to come up with new knowledge. While as the educator, I become the facilitator to encourage the learners to interact, exchange views, and experiences then construct (come up with) meaning and knowledge that is based on what they already know. 

Name tags

Will have name tags, it's hard to learn there name with facemask on.


It is important to know your students immediately. Know their names is a reflection of respect.

strategies for student retention

treating students with dignity and respect and more Importantly acknowledging the unique learning needs of non traditional students will contribute to their success


I talked to one of my colleges today about observing a class where they combine two different levels of learners to enhance the course learning outcome.

Doris R. Owens

The Maxknowledge allows instructors to take initiative to be sure that each student understand the assignments and work to meet their goals for their career.  Students need to have self-discipline and take responsibilty for their actions. The instructors play a big part in being and staying positive with their body language so that the student will study in a comfortable environment.

Students Feedback is valued

The value of student impact is key.

Student empowerment

Students have the ability to explore careeer choices and selecting their career path is meaningful to them.  The student has control of their future.


Keep their focus by relaying your medical experiences!

I know I can rely on student success if the students get up and relay what they know to us, for example, telling the class what the pathway of blood through the heart is.

This gives other students motivation to learn and better feedback! Competition is healthy and reliable.


It is important to show encouragement, concern, and empathy for each student.  They are on a path of self improvment, and we should facilitate that.

Empowerment thru Motivation

Empowerment thru motivation is well and powerful phrase. it can go a long way because when you are confident of your teaching methods you tranfer that confidence in learning to your students.


Enhancing Student Retention

As a novice clinical insructor it is a challenge learning the content of the work and delivering the materials effectively.  But form this lesson I have learnt the factors to keep students motivated and delivering clear and accurate insrtuctions is very important.My action plan is to use more varied activities, not to make students feel insecure .  Now being aware of the inrinsic factors that motivate students I will focus on these things.

The difference between to learning behaviors Instrinsic/Extrinsic learning

Both learning behaviors have a common goal to learn at their own pace with the intentions of gaining self security and accomplish some sort of recognination , it can ether be from within or a public recognition.