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Providing students with guided notes or structured outlines is important for their learning.

I learned to not expect perfection on my first- time teaching. I am human and I learn what will needs to adjust in order to keep the students engaged. 

I personally take on too much responsibility at times and it was refreshing seeing that highlighted in this section. The most practical technique I can take from this section is taking note of the mistakes and miscues I make each semester to improve how I teach for the future. 

Teachers shouldn't be so hard on themselves! We are human, admit mistakes and move on!

Instructors always make mistakes. How to respond to those shows the experience, expertise, and knowledge of the instructor. 

As a new instructor, making mistake of materials can be quite the challenge. According to the materials explained in the module, it's perfectly ok not to be perfect. Clarify errors and continue forward, acknowledging that no one is perfect and everyone can learn from their mistakes.

Slowing down and being prepared.  I tend to speak fast normally, so I know I need to slow down in front of students but do not always do it.  It's OK to make mistakes just laugh at yourself and note what to do to fix it going forward.

I am not alone in feeling nervous and unprepared (though I absolutely am and will continue to be).  Just maintain the preparation and planning, and make notes after class about anything that went particularly right or wrong.  Remember I am the SME, and have knowledge and understanding my students need to begin their own careers as nurses.

The students' perceptions of an instructor start as soon as they meet you. Try to maintain a professional image of competence to earn their respect. Don't be too nice or too mean, just even keeled and fair. One must control the time and energy of the classroom to maintain authority. Being over prepared and having some activities on hand to revive the energy after a lecture or stressful test. Don't treat your class as therapy and tell them your problems, or try to be too friendly with them. These behaviors can diminish the authority that you have in the classroom. 

It is normal to feel nervous when you start teaching, but most of the fears will never actually occur.

My first class was a wreck because I wanted my students to like me and that turned into the friends thing. Never again.

No one is perfect. We are all human beings and we can make mistakes. We need to learn from the mistakes we make. 

I tend to over prepare for class and I tend to be perfectionist so my "ducks have to be in a row" 

Becoming an advanced instructor is a process. It requires a commitment to self discovery and the ability to be kind to yourself as well as a sense of humor. Professionals always have to be willing to laugh at themselves but also maintain the boundaries that separate them from their customers, in this case, the students. Preparation and organization can eliminate many of the pitfalls and problems for a new instructor by always having enough material to keep a class going.

I appreciate the "we make mistakes too" mindset. I tell my students daily that we are human and don't know every answer. 

Management of classroom is to be prepared, organized and dedicated & sharing ones expertise & knowledge of the field.

For some reason remembering a persons first name takes some time, but when calling people by their last name seems to be easier to remember.  Having played football, it was easier to read peoples last name on their Jerseys and since we spent so much time together it would seem more normal to continue calling people by their last name over their first name when first meeting as strangers.

Make notes about how the lecture, demonstration, or activity worked. Note taking will help you focus more on improving instruction rather than solving problems.

So I’ve always been honest and transparent person and I expect my students to be the same. The course talks about making humor or light of mistakes. I definitely believe there’s a time and a place for that, but for the most part, I strive to be honest with my students when I have made a mistake because I want them to do the same for me to ensure were maximizing our time togeter. 

Take the time to prepare, keep it professional and educational

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