Angelique Trujillo

Angelique Trujillo

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I learned that discussion boards builds type of classroom community. Has anyone ever thought about doing a seperate discussion board and keeping it open for student questions? or even a group chat on team?

I find that in order to be successful in an online course the student and the instructor must be open-minded, self-motivated, self-disciplined, time management, basic computer skills, and teamwork. They must conduct themselves in a professional manner as they would in their career. 

I liked the discussion board grading rubric. If you want to get your students to participate in the discussion board, I think that the instructor should also participate in replying back to the students and also give their opinion on the discussion board topic.

In order for all of your students all with different ways of learning to comprehend what they are learning an instructor should accommodate all students who may need that extra help. 

As both an instructor and a student I feel that feedback is really important. It allows for students to ask questions and to review what changes need to be made. 

Being an online student can come with many obstacles, I have learned that organization is key and that it is important to take advantage of the early access a student gets. Access the course early and start playing around with the system a little bit. 

Keep the learning fun and change it up to keep students interested.

I plan to practice keeping everything looking the same and organized by date. 

How can I present the importance of class participation without causing a conflict or offensive.

I learn that it is best to be an active instructor and if you approach a unmotivated student set up live meeting with this student and see if there is anything that you can do to help them stay on track. 

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