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Staying calm is the key.  Just be an active listener.  No advice.  

I have learned many situations to avoid being an instructor. I will take them into account as a reminder not to practice them. 

I learned many different ways to handle angry and cheating students. With an angry student, listening is the most important. Policy and procedure when it comes to cheating must be known and enforced. 

Presenting syllabi in multicolor text and paper to increase attention and retention are a great tool I picked up from this course. 

It's sad that young adults and older adults would act like children in the classroom. But they do and we have to address the issues. So, I learned how to handle a student who disrupt the class.

Take the time to prepare, keep it professional and educational

Setting boundaries is a key first step for behavioral expectations, if a difficult situation arises listen or giving a student time to express themselves helps resolve the issue, also  having backup and notes to explain your actions

So I’ve always been honest and transparent person and I expect my students to be the same. The course talks about making humor or light of mistakes. I definitely believe there’s a time and a place for that, but for the most part, I strive to be honest with my students when I have made a mistake because I want them to do the same for me to ensure were maximizing our time togeter. 

I especially took notice to the technique of moving your position int the room, judging from my personal experiences with military training and post secondary education. The podium instructor tends to bore the class making it hard to retain information. After reading this i realized that the instructors that moved around the room forced the attention to move with the instructor. So case in point as you are talking then a slide change happens it forces the class to readjust and change focus, inadvertently engaging the brain to pay attention. Its also a good tool to neutralized a disruption or… >>>

Basically my objective is to represent the positive outcomes of the course and how exactly what the student will be learning will track with their future. I agree with clearly laying out the course objectives and deadlines, maybe crossing completed items off as they are done. i did like the idea of breaking the room down into groups and applying exercises to engage those students that are more introverted or disinterested. 




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