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Stress from different sources will accumulate and show up as signs and symptoms that further interfere with our time. 

To do lists and time management are dynamic, they can change from time to time, but setting them in an order can help people stay on task. 

As the SME and classroom manager on the 1st day of class I typically introduce myself and then provide the students an opportunity to introduce themselves. Afterwards I will go over the course syllabus along with my expectations that I have for them. Along with letting them know that I am here to build them up not to tear them down.

Sometimes I feel like I’m well prepared and then my time will be too short or I will run over . I learned to from the course to make notes which I will use but are there any other tips anyone has that may be useful?

This section helped me understand how important it is to get students involved in their own education from the very beginning. I hope to incorporate setting expectations clearly from the beginning. I also like the idea of starting with a teamwork activity to show students the benefit of collaboration.

      Sensitivity to the lived experiences of underrepresented students is vital in establishing a successful learning environment. A successful educator must teach at the learner's level of understanding. Adult learners do not all come to us at the same level or academic proficiency.

Having the expectation that everyone will be like you. 

it's important to set the expectations from the first day of class, getting to know them and them you. Expectations will be easier to managed if set on early in the course. 

I think this was a good course. One thing I noticed though was the suggestions about what to do about tardiness which is actually not an option at my school. I also thought it was interesting it suggested that we ask the students to be a part of creating policies for the school. I feel like this is a bad idea in some regard, or is almost more of a game to make it seem that we will take their opinions into consideration. I know the students complain a lot about the rules as the school where I work and the only way to let them think they have a voice in the matter would be to allow them to break the rules. I think it's a bit difficult to always make the students feel empowered while at the same time, holding them to standards they do not agree with or believe are reasonable. It's been really difficult in that regard. 

I learned the 4 types of classroom management and what they imply for the class overall. Very interesting material.

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