What you can do Be aware of what you’re feeling and your own body language Trust your instincts and don’t dismiss your gut feelings Pay attention to inconsistencies between words and... >>>

helpful and encouraging information... >>>

to be or not to be (liked)

This was very helpul in regards to the information about your students liking you as to compared to being... >>>

Video on Stress

One of the many Youtube videos on stress and stress relief techniques. This one is great for... >>>


Quizlet allows you to create tests, quizes in any format (multiple choice, matching, etc.).  It also allows students to go onto the website and create quizes for each other to study and test... >>>

Great website to work with in the classroom - CengageBrain‎‎   Get Huge Savings on Textbooks eBooks, eChapters, & More! Free 14 Day eBook Access · Free... >>>