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create specific deaadline

I have thought about this in the past, but realizing that I need to, buckle down more on the so called "problem student" and there de3adlines

New instructor

Don't worry about what if's

Managing Behavior

Set time frames for assignments


Discuss participation


Teamwork is great.


Learn to shut out completely

What stresses you out?

Sudden changes

Managing Time

Take time to relax

Stress management

Time management

Be a person, not a robot.

It's possible to be an effective educator that shows empathy and cares for students while also achieving learning outcomes. 

Student engagement

Student engagment is key to managing a class. This also includes extrcirricular activities such as guest speakers, team projects and classroom activities. 

class room management

Yes, students get out of controll no matter how well you manage, however woo-saw, take a quit deep breath, re-gain control swiftly and CALMLY. ED 113

Teaching styles

I was very intrested in the course module #1 very informative for me to use with my teaching straties, with another area for improvement of my delivery in the classroom, and what teaching style that i am in need of for improvement.


Mistakes can be pointed out by students or they can be recognized by the instructor. How can an instructor respond to a mistake that originated from students in a professional manner and not generate incivility, shaming, or hostility? 

Angry students

I would like to know if anyone can share an experience on handling angry students. The course material is great but when a student is getting on your last nerve it may not be easy to always comply as recommended.

Ambiguous behavior

How can a teacher recognize and correct personal ambiguous behavior?


How can one help to encourage students to see the importance of the syllabus and not regard it as just another class email?

How do you Learn?

Are you an auditory learner? Do you learn by doing? How has this formulated your teaching style?


You can ruin a students day by not smiling at him.  All ambiguous behavior is interpreted as bad

Making test

What is your recommendation for online course best practice in making tests and quizzes?