Adaline Montang

Adaline Montang

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I learnt to treat all our students the same even those with disabilities. Treating them with respect and care making sure not to discriminate . not to ask personal questions as to about their disability .

Very informative .The purpose of providing accommodation is to provide equal access to those with disabilities. Very interesting to learn about the universal design ! Street curbs, door handles, wide door frames and lowered desk space.

I learnt in this module that there are many students who are with special needs or have different types of disabilities that need special accommodation and equal opportunities. Wheelchairs are a source independence & not confinement.

Those with disabilities are protected from discrimination and have "Equal Opportunities". I learned that in 1990 ADA was in effect as one of the important Civil Rights Law.


Interesting subject, students with learning disabilities are average or above average and can succeed by self advocacy, support from instructors. IEP for students who have not graduated from high school or are under 21 years. (Individual Disability Act 2004) It is required by Federal Law.

Many of the students primary language is other then English language and therefore they are learning the language as well as learning career skills understanding this helps us how to interact and help them in their learning process.

Grouping students aids in their learning of subject matter as well as learning to work together as a team .

Video recording and evaluating our lectures is one good technique . 

I learnt different ways to cope , reduce and eliminate stress .  Sad to know that 75 to 90 percent of students visit doctors and health clinics with stress related issues.  

Learning to balance between work and family will help reduce stress if we do not then it will have negative effect on our productivity and health causing headache, upset stomach, back pain as well as high blood pressure.

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