Marcus Hernandez

Marcus Hernandez

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Assessment is necessary to see the start of a class and where the students came from and knowledge they have. 

We have students that speak English as a second language and they seem to do ok as long as there is another student who is bilingual. 

I always look at a student as just that. "A Student". I always try to stay blind to race gender disability whatever, that's not important to me. What is important is how well can this this student be taught.

I teach welding and it's always stereotypes about women not making good welders and that not true. One of my best students was female and had never welded before.

We have to know the student we are teaching. Also how they value there education and the way they are receiving it. Life experience in what I teach will help the student to see relevance in the subject.

Tec is hear and only getting more and more popular with the new generation. We have to take advantage of this and adapt to it to be successful. It will make our lives easier with a little work.

Knowing the generation your teaching can really help you in selecting the style and aids used to teach.

Knowing what generation you are you are teaching can really help in deciding your teaching style and aids like tec that go with it.

Very helpful information in dealing with a crises situations. I feel like its not a matter of if it will happen with someone but when.

I struggle with being a perfectionist on daily tasks. I will spend a long time trying to make whatever I'm working on perfect to the point where I have spent way to much time on it. I have to remember that it just has to get done and it doesn't have to be perfect.

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