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Sounds like the jitt is A great way to save time and get a good view of student understanding before the f2f class starts. I know that in my experience if you put in the time at first to built your class it will pay off in the end.

Think about the end goal (standards and state regulations) and how am I going to get my students to achieve them. Seems simple enough.

So many types of questioning. I think I would like to experiment with them to see what would work best in my class. As a welding instructor we do welding test to measure mastery of processes and task at hand.

Allowing time after asking a question is something that I personally have to work on. I like to use a raise of hands and like it says repeat the correct answer loudly to the class so everyone can hear. The follow up questions is something I need to personally work on as well as a new teacher. Statements like "any questions?" Or "does that make sense?" Makes it seem like you as an instructor are unsure of yourself.

I have been making videos for my drawing class for a while now and the students love it. They can get help from me personally or just watch the videos latter at home or whatever.

Lots of great information here. It's so important to keep the students engaged in the lesson and if they enjoy it, it makes it so much better.

I like this idea of the flipped classroom but with what I teach I fear there is no way of making lecture videos that are only 15 minutes long. And then meet up in f2f class and work together on an assignment. I also fear that my students will not watch the lectures and then come to class with no idea of what's going on and then I spend more time catching them up.

Sounds like the flipped classroom is the way to go. Many benefits to this.

Sounds like the flipped classroom is the way to go as long as all your students have access to a computer and internet. I do question the time for it though... so I teach twice a week each class an hour and a half so would the students watch the lessons on there own time or would it be considered lecture time?... 🤔 

I like the idea of a flipped classroom but I fear my students would not watch the lectures before the ftf classes and be lost. I have already started the blended classroom and it is wonderful. Especially if a student misses class.

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