Marcus Hernandez

Marcus Hernandez

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Remote labs sounds awesome. I teach welding and am not so sure how I would go about doing this through the online course. I know there is virtual reality but the technology is really not that similar to actually welding.... maybe someday when the technology gets better.

Feed back and grading is very important as well as having a presents in the class so the student does not feel alone.

You need a steady reliable internet source and a computer.

The use of an assessment tool like true colors or Vark is needed to determine whether the class should be asynchronous or Synchronous.


Learning all about the ISD and the structure/setup of the system.

This has shown me course components and how to set them up.

It's all about the conveyance of the student. They can get to the class when it's convenient to them.

Structule integrity and proper course design is very important.

Put out expectations and boundaries up front. Constantly monitor the communication. Don't post to much. And use a rubric.

Clear boundaries. Miscommunication will happen. AND different generations communicate differently.

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