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As an instructor and or a new instructor you can be nervous and it can be unsettling. If you prepare yourself and take it to consideration the class needs and the dynamics of the class everything that we've learned throughout the chapters in this class you will be more at ease to teach

I'm not perfect and I don't know everything. My students laugh with me when I mess up...they know I will get it right eventually.

I always have a seating chart so I can know the student's names and keep track of a students whereabouts.

I really like the recommendations given here for newer instructors: Be geniune, show that you care, be organized, be humble, and most importantly, learn from mistakes.


Names is a challenge especially when teaching multiple classes at multiple locations. I use ithe inability to remember as way to make sure thier badges are visitble 


When instructors make a mistake in class, the best strategy is to use humor to diffuse it, letting students know you are also human. Most of the mistakes instructors worry about never happen. Some real mistakes include coming off as impossible to please or as believing no challenges students experience can rival their own. Another is wanting too much for students to like them. One of the most effectie strategies for this is to make note of any mistake you make in class and how you resolved it so you can ensure you don't make the same mistake in the future.

I am always worried that I am not doing things properly. I teach culinary arts, and while I know alot, there are still some things that I as a teacher am learning. I don't want to look foolish. I will make sure to prepare better, and let the kids know that I am human and am still learning as well. 


Mistakes happen.. learn from them and move on.  Do not dwell on them. 

It seems that a common mistake performed by instructors is worrying either too much or too little about their class and the needs of their students. 


Through "Common Instructor Mistakes" module, I learned that we are all human and make mistakes.  The important thing is to acknowledge and correct it right away, and learn from it so that it won't be repeated.

Try to over-prepare for any class.  It's always better to have more material than not enough.  We all make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

I am always prepared for class this is part of my teaching style. I do tell my students that I'm not perfect and I don't know everything. However, I will try my best to get them the information they may need or want. I always have a seating chart so I can call on the student's names and manage them.


One of my biggest obstacles is to remember names. One way to overcome this is to make sure to call on as many students as possible each day, also, using a "popsicle" stick with each students name on it to pick at random when I call on students helps me remember their names and keeps their attention as I could call on them at any time. 

By establishing a routine and having a set procedure of operation along with clear expectations, an instructor will be able to enjoy preparing for and meeting classes.

I use a calendar and on it I list what I did every day throughout a course, next time that course comes up I start a new calendar and use the last one as a reference to see where I was, what I covered, should I rearange the order?, should I change the pace?, etc etc, each time it will get easier. Also create a course file on your pc and save info, files, etc there so next time you just print, if you teach the same courses over and over and each start is a panic stricken disaster something is wrong.  


Again, I hadnt thought to journal about each course prior to this to recall later what worked and didn't work. I know sometimes I forget to implement all the good for next time. Same powerpoint, just some life examples are  better than others. 

The new instructor should be organized well before the class ever starts. Get everything ready ahead of time, be sure to double check all information for appropriateness and correctness and be ready to meet your students with a smile and confidence even if you don't feel it. 


Disorganization is a common mistake.  Sometimes I think preparing for what if's is a godo thing and not a hindrance.


Mistakes can be teacher to us all. Learning from mistakes is the goal.



This will definitely help me as a new instructor in academia. I need to remember that the thought of perfection is a mistake and common worries never happen.


great tips fpr feeling prepared


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