Rebecca Hari

Rebecca Hari

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Differentiated instruction is important for students with disabilities to thrive. 

Mental health disorders can be an impediment in the classroom, but a supportive instructor and how the classroom is set up can help tremendously.

Students can learn how to advocate for themselves to receive modifications that will help them learn in the classroom.

Accommodations can be made for people with physical disabilities that can help them navigate around and learn in the classroom.

Students can advocate for themselves in terms of their own disability, to get the services that they need. 

There are a wide variety of physical and emotional disabilities that instructors must be aware of.

Instructors always make mistakes. How to respond to those shows the experience, expertise, and knowledge of the instructor. 

Taking away the opportunity for cheating and having a rapport with the students have been the most successful ways to thwart cheating for me. 

I like those ideas for helping control students who always want to be the center of attention in class. 

Make sure your expectations are clear and written down. 

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