Cheryl Haynes

Cheryl Haynes

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I learned that it's most effective to use multiple evaluations for needs of learning, such as stakeholders, outside materials, and other sources available that are repeatable.

Providing feedback helps assist students in achieving their goals within the learning objectives of the course. 

Developing a syllabus creates a chronologic order guide for students to understand and make sense of the course guide and expectations.

The most important thing is making the course consistent. Templates and format create a clear concise instructions and guidelines for completion of assignment effectively.

As a new instructor, making mistake of materials can be quite the challenge. According to the materials explained in the module, it's perfectly ok not to be perfect. Clarify errors and continue forward, acknowledging that no one is perfect and everyone can learn from their mistakes.

I learned that assessing your students ability to learn is challenging. Perhaps someone that is quiet, loud, aggressive, disruptive can contribute to class dynamics. Acceptable dynamics in the class setting is important for class learning experience.

As a professor, being compassionate, encouraging and understanding will give student confidence in continuing education with confidence.

My experience with the module setting the stage video is informative in improving my skills on syllabus purpose, teacher expectations, and student guide. The student are informed goals, expectations, and clear understanding of what is due, when, and how to complete assignments.

Consideration for different learning styles of students is imperative to delivery of course information. Getting to understand and know your audience (students) is imperative in success of the class.

It's important to inform the students about your expertise and experience as well as to know theirs. 

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