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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Managing stress and burnout

No matter what our day to day lives look like, it is important for us to care of ourselves so  we can be more productive in any environment.  I always try to incorporate a combination of healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep and meditation into my daily routine.  I find that when my work load is taking up too much time and energy my balance is off.  I had to leave a job I was at for 4 years because of this.  The office I worked at was an hour away from my home and I worked a 9 hour shift, … >>>

Be organize and prepare to teach your self the topic

Teaching is studying and preparing putting the students first

Building Emotionally Intelligent Students

Encourage creativity and fostering a positive relationship with students in the key to assisting emotionally intelligent students.  Having a one on one conversation with them and hearing about their lives and successes or challenges is so important for their growth and development.

Back to Basics

Come to the classroom prepared to teach

Know the material and be well versed

mix in engaging activities

Call students by their names and be respectful

Show your passion 

set expectations 


ED110 Stress & Time Management

I would encourage every instructor, educator, and teacher to complete this course before any other courses are taken on. I consider this information of stress management as a bed rock for everything else we do as educators. We cannot reach our potential in our vocation of teaching if we don't know how to handle the stress and know how stress hijacks our efforts as instructors. This course taught me the think outside the box and offered counter intuitive information that is valuable to people who are involved in managing the process of teaching. This course offered insight and techniques for… >>>

Organize then prioritize

I do this daily and at the beginning of each week.


I prepare a list of thing to do each week and I update daily.

Challenging Students

When dealing with a challenging student I would remain calm and hear them out. But I would have a one-on-one conversation with them in order to avoid any class distribution.

The objective of the class

The objective of the class is the student success. We have to keep in mind it. And create this positive atmosphere 

In managing the class and success of the student

I have encounterd several challenges with students.  #1.  Student insist that I am the only one that can help her pass a class that she cannot fail again.  Requesting that I find 3 extra points for her.  Listened to her, remediated her prior exams with her.  Informed her that it was unethical to maniputale her grades and unfair that the other students grades would remain the same.  Advised her to file a grade appeal with request to retake the final exam which was denied.  She sent the apapeal to higher authority and gave an explanation why she should get credit… >>>

Structure and Consistency are Key

This course really just confirmed what I know to be the case but is difficult to accomplish. Sometimes we are just struggling to stay afloat and cut corners to survive, but this course proves that doing so is detrimental.  I have witnessed it myself in the classroom.  The students need that structure and consistency.  They need for us to have expectations and hold them to those.  They need this in order to be prepared for the future that awaits them.  

Challenges with Students

I think as a new instructor I find a challenge with students who laugh at me in the back of the classroom.  I try to get past these moments by refocusing and ask the class if they have questions or if there are any muddy areas that I need to clarify.  I hope that I can learn from my other faculty how to address this issue and prevent it in the future.


I definitely came away from this course with a lot of great information. I plan to implement some of the strategies suggested right away. I love the suggestion of rotating the back row of students up to the front row. I also love the idea of assigning the loud and disruptive student the role of "observer."

Time : sometimes I run to long and sometimes to short

Sometimes I feel like I’m well prepared and then my time will be too short or I will run over .
I learned to from the course to make notes which I will use but are there any other tips anyone has that may be useful?


As a new instructor I think one of the biggest thing I would like to do is to engage the students in the lecture.

Critical Listening Skills

I believe having critical listening skills helps to build relationships that are viewed as genuine. This can be true when listening to someone experiencing a crisis. Listening intently without interrupting allows the person in crisis to 'be heard'. I have learned that sometimes it is helpful for people to get things off their chest and to hear themselves vent or discuss the trauma can be cathartic.

getting students engaged

I have tried to teach the same class the same way to a different group of students.

This does not always help,  I have to change my approach as i see the need of the students.

customer service

comment: we have lost alot of customer service interaction.

every thing is so quick and go...even at gas station you can scan your card

and be on your way.

Coping with students who feel like quitting

Encouraging students who are ready to quit can be challenging. I find that meeting with these stuents privately, reviewing the personal and extra-personal challenges they are facing can be quite helpful. After assessing their situation, sound advice and resources can be rendered, which can be quite instrumental in getting the student back on tract. Sometimes the students are unaware of these resources and this information is hihgly helpful.

Stress Management

I will discuss benefits of deep breathing for stress reduction to my office co-worker.