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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Time : sometimes I run to long and sometimes to short

Sometimes I feel like I’m well prepared and then my time will be too short or I will run over .
I learned to from the course to make notes which I will use but are there any other tips anyone has that may be useful?


As a new instructor I think one of the biggest thing I would like to do is to engage the students in the lecture.

Critical Listening Skills

I believe having critical listening skills helps to build relationships that are viewed as genuine. This can be true when listening to someone experiencing a crisis. Listening intently without interrupting allows the person in crisis to 'be heard'. I have learned that sometimes it is helpful for people to get things off their chest and to hear themselves vent or discuss the trauma can be cathartic.

getting students engaged

I have tried to teach the same class the same way to a different group of students.

This does not always help,  I have to change my approach as i see the need of the students.

customer service

comment: we have lost alot of customer service interaction.

every thing is so quick and go...even at gas station you can scan your card

and be on your way.

Coping with students who feel like quitting

Encouraging students who are ready to quit can be challenging. I find that meeting with these stuents privately, reviewing the personal and extra-personal challenges they are facing can be quite helpful. After assessing their situation, sound advice and resources can be rendered, which can be quite instrumental in getting the student back on tract. Sometimes the students are unaware of these resources and this information is hihgly helpful.

Stress Management

I will discuss benefits of deep breathing for stress reduction to my office co-worker.


ive learned that your syllabus should be understood and that all assignments and due dates are clearly posted so there will be no misunderstandings for when they are due. And your syllabus understood so that expectations are set!


all good

Positions very useful

Being an instructor that is very mobile, the positions and hand gestures were very helpful to my practice.

Managing the Class

Managing the class can be accomplished by "ice brakers", learning the students names, defining expectations and having syllables that outline policies. 

Keeping it real and keeping your sanity.

These are all things I have done for decades, I was mentored when I started teaching by the best. I do see many intructors making many mistakes because this school has no training/indoctrination program for new instructors, I would suggest the two courses mandatory training prior to anyone teaching a class.

Generally a person is given an ipad and shown their room and then they're on their own and without guidance they make the cardinal mistake of being their students buddy. They let the students call them by first name, they give their home phone and/or cell phone and tell them they will do whatever so they pass the course. They just opened the door to constant drama and assignments not done on time. Your name should be Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss and your contact is your WORK email and school phone number and inform them of the hours and days they can expect a response.

You have to maintain a sense of leadership and due dates, just like at work, you're not the buddy, friend, mom or whatever, you're the boss, the instructor, the employer, the manager and you need things done on time. Once you give them the answers, pass them, cater to them you've lost, you'll never regain control and they will continue to be late and absent especially if you allow them to make up all the work after the class is over. There are instances where they really have a valid reason for missing one assignment. 

If, for valid reasons they cannot stay with the class schedule they need to take a LOA, get their life in order and return. You can't have students always handing in things late, not participating, not attending, and then let them hand everything in on the last day or after the class is over, you'll never break the cycle and then others will do it.  

You're not helping them and you're creating madness and drama for yourself, remember what the course said ---They will push you as far as they can to make exceptions for them. Remind them that people hire them to perform a service or produce a product. When they are out in the field, their customers and/or employers won't accept their late or incomplete work.

Required Reading

This course should be required for all new instuctors. It would havw benefitted me years ago, while teahing my apprentices of aircraft mainenance. As a newer instructor, i have seen all of the behaviors in this course. My students ans I both, would have greatly benefitted from this course.

Practice Makes Premanence

Indeed we are human and we will make mistakes. Though mistakes occur, we must learn from them so prevent the repetition of such mistakes. The practice of striving toward doing right things well is a journey of self-reflection and professional development. Create icebreakers that get students to know your students and develop a rapport with them. Help students to share freely by providing a safe environment through guiding, probing questions of their ideas.

NV Cues

NV cues are just as important as Verbal Cues

Giving Test

I like to postion my chair and postion in back of the class when giving a test in order to not distract students and to keep clear sight lines on all students.

My action plan

I hope to incorporate healthy coping mechanisms into my personal and professional life. I also enjoyed the Time and Stress Management for Instructors, especially about taking control of my time, making more time for me, understanding what is stressing me out, and how to get on the road to stress free living. 

Course content

I completed this course. It provided excellent information on classroom management and teaching style. I now have new knowledge on how to better handle my classroom. For me this was very educational and an excellent course.

Classroom disciples

I enjoyed the overview of the model dealing with classroom disciplines. I have used other uniques ways of addressing students without causing embarrassment to the student.

What about when you ask the student to share their discussion with the class? Anyone things this technique is ok?

Best practices

Most instructors I have the experience to work with are familiar with and only apply the "Controller Style" of classroom management. We should work hard to apply and use the "Guide Style" of classroom managenet to improve and establish an effective learning climate for adult students.

The model for a successfull classroom managenent, tips for instructors, and the suggestions for implementation short version aid sheets are great to have. Oustanding!