Positions very useful

Being an instructor that is very mobile, the positions and hand gestures were very helpful to my... >>>

Managing the Class

Managing the class can be accomplished by "ice brakers", learning the students names, defining expectations and having syllables that outline... >>>

Keeping it real and keeping your sanity.

These are all things I have done for decades, I was mentored when I started teaching by the best. I do see many intructors making many mistakes because this school has no training/indoctrination... >>>

Required Reading

This course should be required for all new instuctors. It would havw benefitted me years ago, while teahing my apprentices of aircraft mainenance. As a newer instructor, i have seen all of the... >>>

Practice Makes Premanence

Indeed we are human and we will make mistakes. Though mistakes occur, we must learn from them so prevent the repetition of such mistakes. The practice of striving toward doing right things well is a... >>>

NV Cues

NV cues are just as important as Verbal... >>>

Giving Test

I like to postion my chair and postion in back of the class when giving a test in order to not distract students and to keep clear sight lines on all... >>>

My action plan

I hope to incorporate healthy coping mechanisms into my personal and professional life. I also enjoyed the Time and Stress Management for Instructors, especially about taking control of my time,... >>>

Course content

I completed this course. It provided excellent information on classroom management and teaching style. I now have new knowledge on how to better handle my classroom. For me this was very educational... >>>

Classroom disciples

I enjoyed the overview of the model dealing with classroom disciplines. I have used other uniques ways of addressing students without causing embarrassment to the student.
What about when you ask the... >>>

Best practices

Most instructors I have the experience to work with are familiar with and only apply the "Controller Style" of classroom management. We should work hard to apply and use the "Guide Style" of classroom... >>>

Implement right away

So much valuable information that is so useful in today’s classroom.
the tools provide has opended my mind to other tools based on the students learning capacity,knowing they all learn at... >>>

ED 104

Great info on how to deal with difficult... >>>

Class Management

I observed an instructor last term and I saw the disadvantage of an instructor who was concerned about being a "Buddy" to the students. One student actually screamed at the instructor and the behavior... >>>

stress management

It is so important to get proper rest, drink enough water and exercise. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of... >>>

Time Management

Time Management,
It is so important for student, this will help them stay on task and meet... >>>

students behavior

always try to talk to the student as an... >>>