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Have you developed or discovered a presentation, paper, report, or any other document that you’ve found useful in your work? Share the file with your peers as they may find it helpful as well. Describe the uploaded file and solicit comments to enhance engagement and learning.

water and sodium balance

Read this when are reading what balance a patient dehydrated 

Therapist Aid Online

One of my favorite resoruces online is Therpsit Aid, which had free worksheets and a myriad of resources for helping with crisis managment and so much more

Also, there is an informal 30-minute activity someone cn do to raise awateness about values and persoanl growth (attached as pdf). 


Thank you for the lessons

Classroom instructing

This section was very helpful in that it gave me ideas on how to approach the classroom being a new instructor, i feel confident that i will be able to use many of these techniques in class to help ease into the process