Manuchar Mikayelyan

Manuchar Mikayelyan

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What was important in this section is understanding that moving content to an online environment is not simply about transfering content, it needs to be transformed. When doing this we need to consider 4 O's of course design:

1. Origin

2. Organization

3. Orchestration

4. Outcomes assessment


Understanding 3 basic approaches to teaching in online environment such as: teacher-center, mixture of teacher-centered and student-centered approaches, student centered, is really helpful for delivering the content with a high level of facilitation. Also, the most important task of a facilitator is to provide informative feedback.


In this section to me there were 2 important components: understanding advantages and disadvantages of synchronous vs. asynchronous learning, and the second one: components in an effective pattern of teaching such as: learning outcomes, communication, centralized location, content delivery, assignment submission, Q & A.


Learning about teaching styles such as: authority, demonstrator, facilitator, delegator, expert, is very important to understand your own style and be able to implement others to become a more efficient instructor.


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Learner profiles:

. Noisy

. Quiet

. Disrupters

. Intimidators

. Procrastinators 


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Learning styles:

. Avoidant

. Competitive

. Dependent

. Collaborative

. Participant

. Independent 


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3 important factors in e-learning environment:

. Projecting your presence

. Projecting your authority

. Establishing relationship with each learner


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