Manuchar Mikayelyan

Manuchar Mikayelyan

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understanding emotions of other people and being in control of your own is one of the key components to succeed at work.

It is very helpful to understand soft skills vs. hard skills.

The statement "the shift from “covering content” to the “mastery of content,”" sounds amazing, however, prerecorded lecture portion sounds easy to me, when it comes to how to design proper classroom activities so student can progress through Bloom's taxonomy, this is where I see the challenge.

I do not think that provided information is enough for one to consider his/her self professionally developed to flip the classroom and expect better results.

Bloom's taxonomy is an amazing structure that shows how learning progresses from simple level of knowledge to the ability to perform evaluation. Actually, the idea of flipped classroom looks like to be the solution achieving higher levels of learning. 

Having prerecorded lectures sounds great, so the students can review it as many times as needed to understand everything. However, there will be a need to design enough activities in a ways that are effective to complete learning in the classroom.

Using extrinsic motivators wisely until intrinsic motivation becomes a reality.

Understanding 2 motivational issues: security and autonomy, also how to enhance security in the classroom is crucial for students to succeed. 


Instructor tips are beneficial:

. Do not ignore improper behavior.

. Never lose your temper.

. Correcting improper behavior.

. Criticize the behavior not the person.

. Be proactive.

. Use “I” language” instead of “you” language.

Four styles of classroom management. Needs to be self-evaluated and then put through 4 step model of improvement.

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