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very informative 

A large percentage of doctor visits is due to stress. We shouldn't use to unhealthy coping mechanisms to reduce stress because it will create more stress in the long run 

There are many different things that can cause stress which can impact your work productivity. It's important to be transparent about your stress 

I learned ways to avoid being disorganized in order to focus on the task at hand. Set a certain time of day to check emails instead of checking them as they come in so that you can focus on one task at a time

I learned that you can improve your time management by making a to do list and numbering the items in the order of importance. 

I find this material very useful. I sometimes struggle with the syllabus information. My courses are built for me, so I am responsible for delivering the material and making it meaningful to my students. However, the syllabus comes pre-made as well. It does not contain any due dates and directs the students to the academic catalog for late policies. At the beginning of my term, I asked if I could edit the syllabus, and the response I got was "It's pretty comprehensive, but here you go." I don't see how a syllabus that doesn't have an accurate timeline is comprehensive.… >>>

I have trouble remembering names and i have to remember that the students don't necessarily have the same enthusiasm about the class that I do.

I make I listen to the student before I react.  I want to allow the student time to vent so then I can better understand and help.

I like to make sure that I include all my students in discussion and group activities to keep them engaged. 

I like to incorporate assignments that required the student to team up and accomplish tasks. I feel like this helps the student because they can get help from their peers and feel more comfortable in the classroom.

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