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I have experienced some of these classroom challenges in the past and surely much of the feedback in this module does work. I learned here the private written message, I will try it when necessary. 

This module reinforces the importance of classroom management and how to be an effective instructor.  I benefited from knowing details about the difference between the four styles and what could be done to avoid being the undesired teacher are clearly stated here. I am already a guide-type instructor and I would seek improvements whenever possible.

All of the information was new to me and highly informative. Learning about the 4 types of classroom management and the attributes of each, I was able to realize which type I would naturally fit into based on my personality, and therefore know what steps to take to become the Guide that I should be.

Different angles of teaching how to become successful.

I try to teach my students to channel the stress they feel from school into positive outcomes.  

I know I want to be a guide to my students. I have to work on consistency.

Don't be a buddy to my students, and be organized!

I agree with the above, in terms of resources for the presentation of the teacher, the breaking of the initial silence with icebreaking participation activities and the recognition of the characteristics of learning by the student in terms of the tools for the beginning, are pillars for a good start and development of the educational activity.

Gives a lot of great ideas on how to deal with challenging students

I am going to have an ice breaker for the class, I think those are always helpful. Even if they are corny. I will make sure my course content is relatable and my delivery is creative and relatable to the students as well.

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