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Getting to know your students is just as important. Introduce yourself and allow the students to introduce themselves. 

Always learn names!

Learning each student's name is vital in developing student rapport. 

How vital first impressions are, as well as dealing with cohorts of students coming in where they all are on a specific comfort level with each other, and I am now seen as the "outsider."

first impressions are super important and help the students feel more comfortable. 

It's important to introduce yourself to students as well as learning something about them.

I learned that I can do and apply various icebreakers on the first day of class to put students at ease and help me remember new student's name and other information about them. In turn, I will also share common information about myself to establish a foundation for everyone.

It is important for the students to get to know you and you get to know the students in the beginning of a course, so everyone feels a sense of comfort and familiarity with one another. 

It is essential to get to know the student and for the student to get to know the instructor because it provides both the student and the Instructor a sense of value and respect.

Get to know you students, personally and how they learn best

I like the notecard idea to learn about the students.

Preparation for the first day in class is important to show students your dedication to not only to the course but the students as well.  Learning their names as soon as possible will go a long way in helping the students relax and begin focusing in learning the material.   

I need to be prepared and not let them feel like strangers. We're all human. 

 Ice breaking session with the introduction of self and the students.

First day of class is the time when the instructor and students learn about each other. It is important that the students know the expertise of the  instructor, also see the human part of their professor. The activity of students introducing themselves allows not only students know about each other, but also the instructor learn their names. 

name tents sound like a very great thing

Everything you do on the first day, how you're dressed, how you introduce yourself, how you interact with your students, even how you present the course syllabus, sets the tone of the class.

I’ve learned, preparation is key no matter what. 
Learning the students name shows that you care about them. It gives a sense of respect for them. 

Definitely getting to know the students individually including their goals

The idea about the index card was a great one to get to know your students names and a little bit about them rather than just having them verbally do it.

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