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It may be helpful to have students fill out an index card with their identifying information plus something interesting about themselves in order to help you to remember them.  Also, allow the class to get to know one another to facilitate a safe space.


It is important to go over expectations and all materials on the first day of class as well as to be organized. 

I didn't realize the importance of learning the student names so quickly. I will have to come up with some activities that are fun for the class and help me learn names in a short period of time.


I will implement a syllabus signature sheet to make sure they students have knowlege of expectations.

Get to know your students names, make sure they have a chance to interact and build confidence in the course and the skills they will learn along with building relationships in the class. 


Seth Soronnadi

Learned that "

At the beginning of a new class you should introduce yourself and give some background information about your experience and interests. You should have your students do this as well. In doing this exercise you: Get to know something about your students."


Higher likeliness of class participation or discussion based on what comes to the student during class than the night before. 

Students need to feel that they are important. Learn their names

Reminding each person how extremely capable they are, how unique and human they are is important to success. Learning names and listening.

Introduce yourself so students get to know you.  

It is important to provide students a bit about your professional background to establish your credibility.  Also it is important for students to know you care about their success.


I was really struck by the instructor at Harvard that highlighted her expecation about participation. She said she does want to hear about what you learned the night before. She wants to know the connections made in class. It call for more higer ordeer thinking skills. 


It's important to establish confidence in students that they can rise to the occasion of the class requirements even though the content likely feels foreign at first

Its important to learn the students name. Its important to set the standards of the first day so that way they know what to expect. Make sure to put class number, your name and intro on board to ease student so that they know they are in the right class. 


Connections are key. Connecting yourself as an educator and facilator of knowledge to the source material provides credibility. Connecting with your students on a professional yet engaged way provides a solid foundation for learning. Connecting students with each other will strengthen the cohort and may lead to a better experience. Connecting to the end and the steps along the way will reduce stress and enhance potential outcome.

Having a safe and fun educational experience is key.  Students want to know that they are safe and will enjoy the class setting.

It is important to ensure you have introduced yourself to the student and allowed them to introduce themself to the instructor. Creates rapport that will be important moving forward. 

Learning students names in a larger class is tough for me

To separate the students into smaller groups would be very helpful


Motivating students by offering grades/rewards for learning your overall objectives which should then relate to their future career! 


It is important to provide opportunity to let students get to know each other and feel comfortable in the classroom.


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