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Make standards for students and hold them to those standards. 

The first day should set the tone for the class.  Help make the student feel comfortable.  Using students' names shows them you are taking the time to learn more about them.

By connecting with the students on the first day, they will have a greater comfort level with the class.

It's a good idea to learn each students name, nicknames, preferred name, and preferred pronouns. It is also beneficial to tell the students my information as well. Another way to help with the memorization of names is to use cards to have "name tents" and to arrange the seats alphabetically

learned how to mentally and physically prepare for first day of class and how to get yourself ready for the class by creating a syllabus

Setting expectations to your class lays a great foundation for success

The biggest takeaway from this module was to answer any questions that students might have in regard to the class. It is important that students are not confused about the course. I also believe that students need to feel known so, learning their names is one way of making them feel seen!

Meeting people where they are sometimes is key to being able to reach them in lecture. How you learned when you were in school might not work for the individuals sitting in front of you today. I have learned to try and humble myself and understand that we all have to start somewhere. This is just the beginning for them. Everyone learns differently.

Greet at the door; introduce self and give a brief overview of your experience; have them do the same to get to know one another. Set guidelines, goals, and discuss objectives. 

Get to know your students as individuals - create genuine connections 

I have noticed most of these first day practices in place at my institution. I know I am bad with remembering names and will work on new things to be stronger in this area.

I like working off of lists already but I did learn a few more tools to use the first day of class.

I think as a student, learning to relax the nerves and help build friendships between classmates and trust in instructors, it fosters an open learning environment

Listen to the student and let the student know you care.  Allow the student to make their own decisions.

I learned it is important for everyone to introduce themselves. This helps everyone to get to know one another and alleviate any anxiousness.

Engage with the students and be sure to learn names and review course. 

It is important to introduce yourself first - and then follow up with student's introductions. 

Learn everyone's name as soon as you can, be flexible in your discussion and give students extra time to respond to questions, as the topics are new to them.

Getting to know the students and them to know each other allows them to be comfortable when leaving the class, and having upfront expectations allows them to know that they have the ability to do well in the class. 

My takeaway is the importance of putting the students at ease- learn names, engage class, make myself seem relatable and capable, clearly define objectives and expectations

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