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How to walk the fine line of authority and personalization.  Students can learn to respect the position and yet feel a closeness/togetherness  from the sharing of life experiences each within classroom, including yourself.


It is important to learn the names of your students. You should share some things about yourself with your students and ask about them also. 


I learned that it is very important to spend time on introductions from you and the students, providing an overview of the class, giving a pretest to gage knowledge and most importantly being on time. 


I have difficulty remembering names, and making it a point to learn all of them is important. Letting your students know your trying to learn and making an effort shows relatability. 


Write my name and class name and number on the board before class begins, define my expectations as the instructor.


Barbara McDuffie

I always make it a point to have each student introduce themselves the first day as weel give them a bit of insight on myself. Besides being a great ice breaker, you often learn something to your surprise.

The importance of making the initiation of the course pleasent and clear.

Making sure you let the students speak and let their mind out so you and everybody know where everybody stands 


Learn the students names and allow them time to get to know each other. Create a safe and comfortable learning environment for the students.

Setting the expectations for the class and providing a building safety brief give the students a good foundation for success in the class and tlets them know their persopnal responsibilities.  Its hard to hold them accountable if you dont provide them the tools they need to succeed.

This is another part of preparation to start the class out right, introductions from the instructor tells his or her experience and also introductions from the students to know thier past experience or goals.


I really liked the last video where the professor was telling the students that she wants to hear what they are learning about and reflecting on in class discussions.  This will motivate students to come to class prepared, ready to actively participate, and to see themselves as contributers to the learning process.  This will motivate many students to become more active in their pursuit of learning.  I think I will use this approach in the future.

I have learnt about the importance of having a To Do List.

I also now better understand how and why I should make introductions to my students each day. 


names are important

Reply to Tikeama Buckingham's post:

Regardless of the setting, I always try to learn people's name. I think this validates people and their importance. 

The importance of leaning student's names and having students feel that I care about their learning. Also helping the student develop a sense of comfort that they will succeed in the course.


Yes I agree that the learning of students names is crucial and it allows the student to feel less anxious about the class. Using the syllabus and policies and procedures is also good to go over, but I think the best is what are your expectations as an instructor, and how you will be evaluating them as students. 

I like the idea of meeting students at the door on the first day of class and using this as an opportunity to begin learning names.

Spending time getting to know your students and time spent explaining the course landscape before proceeding to teach it is of paramont importance.

that is is important to remeber the three M's, Modeling, Managing and Motivation.


this module provided so good tips on learning students names, and also so good tips on establishing the class and its requirements.  

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