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Carol Bowen

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This is an interesting unit in learning about the availability of the technology. The resources identified will definitely help to deliver content to my students. Being of a different generation, although technology has been a huge part just not to the extent of the younger generation, I do understand the importance of utilizing these resources to help not only keep students engaged but to help them get the full benefit of the subject being taught.

I am very impressed I was unaware of all of the resources for presentations that are available for use, and I will definitely explore all of the ones mentioned. Coming from bedside care to educator I struggle with presentations that have been basically power point presentations that do not seem to connect with the student.

I learned that a good evaluation of the mastery of students is a combination of well written questions from a variety of questions integrated true/false, fill-in, multiple choice. Understanding that using a rubric for grading essays so that the student understands what is expected will make it less subjective

Planning questions not only prior to starting the lecture portion of class but throughout-facilitating discussion that encourages critical thinking on the part of the student not just memorizing facts and figures.  Also, I learned I am guilty of asking there are any questions at the end of lecture which I will immediately stop. 

I like the idea of the flipped classroom and have utilized it to a small extent being new the extra work made it a little hairy but now being more comfortable with the material I will definitely utilize this more. I have also used Kahoot to help review for exams. It is a good avenue to open up questions regarding subjects that the student's are having difficulty comprehending

engaging the students not just lecturing to them. Using techniques to engage their learning at the beginning of class and also at the end of the class time.  I like the idea of having review questions ready and asking the class instead of waiting for them to ask, that way you know that  they understood what was being taught

While simulations are great learning activities and are used frequently, I learned how important the debriefing was in solidifying what the students learned and will learn from reflection of the activity

I learned that the use of music can be very beneficial to enhance learning as it can stimulate  and energize the student. The set up of the classroom was very informative and I will definitely use this technique

I learned that I need to be a learner when teaching, not to think I have to have all the answers but can allow others to give their input. Being positive with my words. I liked the ideas about if someone has a question or needs a break and lastly, love the negasauras to nip negativity in the bud

The importance of preparation and not overthinking mistakes.  Taking time to write down what went right and what went wrong and reviewing prior to the next time the lecture is given.  Slowing down, when becoming anxious over a topic that may be difficult instead of speeding through it to get it across to the students

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